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Post Reply i want hollow ichigo back!
Posted 6/27/08
Don't you find it weird? during ichigo's inner battle, hollow ichigo was defeated after one stab wound but ichigo took in a thrown sword and getsuga tenshou o.O
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23 / F / Solar System,Eart...
Posted 7/16/08
the getsuga tenshou is just a blast of power..
i don't think it did much damage to ichigo except his clothes
plus i see that hollow ichigo's getsuga tenshou is more of an explosive type, not a cutting type
judging from how hollow ichigo likes to destroy things, i'd say that might be the reason
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Posted 12/1/09

figrysia wrote:

khadaddy wrote:

I think he should have a whole episode for himself.

he did i think 2~3 epis of him and ichigo

really? witch eps? I wanna see hichigo kick more @$$ >:3 even if hes not kicking @$$ i still wanna see the epis =w=
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