Making fun out of anime
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Posted 3/18/08 , edited 3/18/08
Like or dislike the anime...just make story/scene/conversation related to the can be funny or just making fun out of it

Gundam Seed Destiny

the freedom and the impulse are exchanging fire..the impulse draw its saber..attack the freedom..the freedom manage to block it with its shield
the freedom use its strenght to push the impulse away a couple of feet..using its booster the impulse stop at mid air and charge to the freedom with full speed
[SHIN]:" freedom..i'll defeat you! right here! " (seed mode activate )

the freedom draw its saber...both of their saber clash..tring to push each other but its seems their strenght is equal
KIRA:"this guy..." (seed mode activate)
SHIN:"haaaa!" (shouted angrily) the impulse give the freedom a "low blow"
SHIN:"damn u freedom!..why wont u go down!" (note: even if u hit a gundam in the "low part" they wont feel anything)

How to make naruto 4 tails

NARUTO:"give sasuke..back!" (1 tail formed)
OROCHIMARU:" "sorry but there is no giving back sasuke-kun" (it make naruto even more angry.the third tail formed )
OROCHIMARU:"how amusing..tell me why do u want u want sasuke-kun..ur gay?"
NARUTO:" grrrr! im not!"
OROCHIMARU:"really" (looking at him skeptically with the tongue moving)
NARUTO:"how many time would i tell!!!!!!!!!" ( so much anger the fourth tail formed cuz he is so sick of people thinking about him being gay on sasuke"

Using byakugan

SAKURA:"wat do u love about naruto..when sasuke is much better than him?"
HINATA:"cuz you dont have byakugan"
SAKURA:"omg!" (the next and hinata meet approach hinata..she look so shy cuz she want something to say to hinata)
SAKURA:"umm..(blush)..hinata...can ..u do me a favor?"
HINATA:"wat is it?"
SAKURA:" can u use byakugan on sasuke..and tell me every details (her face became red)"
HINATA:"........."..( speechless)

Asking for a date

(naruto approach sakura and sasuke)
NARUTO:"hey! can u go out with me on a date?"
SAKURA: 0.o " busy today" (she already plan to ask sasuke)
NARUTO:"ohhh (-_-III) sasuke..."
SASUKE:(tilt head) "hell no!..i wont go out with you!" (shouted angrily den walk away)
SAKURA:"wait sasuke!"..(she followed sasuke)
NARUTO:"wtf!? only gonna ask him if he saw kakashi sensei"



ICHIGO:"damn u grimjow!" (heavy breathing)
GRIMJOW:"give up already" *grin*
ICHIGO:"i wont give up..i'll definitely win"
ICHIGO:"take dis" (naruto uses kage bunshin just on sasuke 10 hit combo)
GRIMJOW:"shit!" (sasuke use chidori and hit naruto)
ICHIGO:"noo!." "i cant use my bankai and my hollow mask in dis situation..alright im gonna use this" ichigo thought
(naruto quick uses rasengan..hit sasuken sending him to the wall)
(in the screen : K.O!....player 1 wins)
ICHIGO:"hah!..i win..i told u!"
GRIMJOW:"god damn it!" (he throw the ps2 a sore loser)

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Posted 3/18/08 , edited 3/18/08
aw.. the first one..their is an internet connection failure..
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yeah soryy...the internetconnection seems to be stopped at dat i dont have any idea how many i post it
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You're starting to annoy me...

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