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Posted 3/18/08

Host: Hello! Oh, my goodness! Oh, my goodness!
Rain: ..... (looking slightly embarrassed)

Host: (let's have a big hug)How are you? I'm so honoured being here with you!
Rain: I feel honoured, too! I've seen you on TV quite a number of time.

Host: Really? How do you feel after seeing me?
Rain: Very pretty!

Host: Ahhhh! So, in your heart, did you ever wish to meet up with me?
Rain: ..... I always watch from the side.

Host: (I'm sorry) I understand. How long has it been since the last concert?
Rain: It has been a couple of months after Daegu's concert.

Host: There are a lot of fans coming from Japan.
Rain: Yes, the Japan Fan Club has organised and gathered a big group of fans coming together.

Host: They are trying to make arrangement with the hotel now to have a room next to yours. In actual fact, I have also tried my hardest to do just that.
Rain: But I've to get back to Seoul early today...

(No translation for the beginning of the 2nd part)
Host: What is it about you that you think is your most appealing?
Rain: Face...

Host: Uwaaaaa! Face!
Rain: this line here under the eyebag....
this is the 21st century eyebag!

(They are talking about the actress in the movie)
Rain: She is very sexy! I like sexy type!

Host: Oh, you like the sexy type....but I didn't wear anything near sexy today!
Rain: There's a nightgown over there!

Host: Let's give a round of applause for Rain to do well in Hollywood's movie! Congratulations!
Rain: This is a big production! The director was asking me while we were having our meal, "I'm about to start a project, would you be interested? It's about a Japanese hero figure, but I have not found my lead actor yet. Since I've met you and I can see that you are very hardworking, why don't you give it a try? I finally made my decision after the audition.

Host: How did you win over the Director's trust?
Rain: I've always been very hardworking in whatever I do. I will do anything that I am being asked to do. In fact, it is very tough because there are some fighting scenes but I take them in stride with smiles, saying "Can I try once more?" The others have finished their parts and I will approach the Director with "One more time?" .... added with a cute plea....

Host: So, are you still taking those martial arts lessons?
Rain: Ninja's martial arts is very different, they use swords, shakens or Ninja stars (small flat-plates of metal shaped like multi-pointed stars or squares), there are varities of weapons being used.

Host: So, did you sustain any injury?
Rain: All the hands are full of blisters. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Host: Poor thing! (taking the opportunity touching Rain's hands secretly)
Rain: Have been receiving lots of treatments though. I felt some under current when you touched me....I feel good whenever I see girls with long hair.....
(No translation for the last part)

(source: benamoo)
source : MBC
credit : benamoo
youtube Clip & Text credit : raelin07
Chinese translation credit & many thanks to honeybi-rainhk
English translation credit & many thanks to Jac (jactweetybi)
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In the Heart of u...
Posted 3/18/08
This tv reporter is so crazy she tooo funny
Oppa was very cute

Thank you JeongJi-hun your so sweetie
I’ve watched this video without sub but u helped me with this topic thank u so much my sweet friend

Posted 3/18/08

nina111 wrote:

This tv reporter is so crazy she tooo funny
Oppa was very cute

Thank you JeongJi-hun your so sweetie
I’ve watched this video without sub but u helped me with this topic thank u so much my sweet friend

youre welcome^^

Rain has asked his fans, through J Tune Entertainment’s homepage, to help him find photographs of him that are illegally distributed.

The Korea singer had a world tour in 2007 and before his concert in Thailand, he signed a contract with MAMA, a Thai company, to allow it to use his picture for the packaging of it cup noodles. Under the terms of this contract, the cup noodles with Rain’s picture on it can only be sold within a given period but unfortunately, that term was not followed and is still on sale up to this day. Pictures of the cup noodles can actually be found in the Internet.

Because of this, Rain requested his Korean and overseas fans to help him fight against his pictures being used illegally.

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