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Posted 3/18/08 , edited 3/18/08
They are so funny. This made me laugh. Enjoy!

JJ: Ok the corner :”answer me please”! started! Today please let me present the 1st mail.. is that ok? is that OK? (lol )

YH/JS: … yeah that’s ok!

JJ: so it’s going to start from me eh?

JS: yes yes…

JJ: “Thank you for the fun show always….”

JS: thank you very much

JJ: “… By the way, I noticed Changmin got a piercing! He said before that he because he is a good son he won’t get piercings.
What kind of change of heart is THAT?”

JS: oh oh me me! please let me read this too! (lol)

JJ: ok, go ahead…

JS: ” I wanted to let this out this thing i’ve been thinking about … . that is Changmin’s piercing!! He said on this show that he gave up on getting a piercing because he won’t make a hole in the body his parents gave him. Did Changmin change ?? I’m shocked that I’m devastated (hahaha she used “fukiareru” meaning litterally to be “swept over” lolz)
Why did he get it? Please tell me! “
A lot (of these letters) came!

YH: ohh… yeah.. Changmin DID say he wouldn’t get piercing until not long ago…. WHY WHY why why

JS: he said he wouldn’t make a hole in the body his parents gave him

YH: everyone wants to know eh…

JJ: so today.. we are going to hear from Changmin himself..

JS: welcome Changmin!

CM: I’m the main character.. please clap!

JS: Do it (answer it) quickly and get out quickly please!

CM: hahahaha

JS: It got really small in here! (the room got stuffy)

Cm: yeah.. I apologize for that,.. ok.. so this year 2008, I turned 20 year… s.. ooold..(he was stumbling haha)

YH: say it properly!

Cm: I’m a bit nervous. so about WHY did I get a piercing… actually since a couple years ago, the members already said that I would become 1.5 times cooler if I have my ears pierced
I didn’t listen at the beginning…

JS: yeah…

JJ: Is it OK to change your mind so fast?!?!?! is that OK? IS THAT O–K??

CM: I said that before that I won’t make a hole in the body I got from my parents…

JJ: but the truth is that you got it done no?

CM: yeah.. well no..

JJ: no?

CM: I actually I saw my Mom too.. there are holes in her ears , I was shocked too!

JS: that’s an excuse no??

CM: I would say it’s an excuse too..but honestly., i wanted a change after I turn 20.. more like an adult…

JS: like a “change of mood” eh ?

CM: yea like a change of mood .. but anyhow the feedbacks were good.. so it was as I thought…

JJ: the feedbacks were GOOD??

CM: yap they were quite good!

JJ: WHERE did you see them from? “I” Haven’t seen them at all!

CM: hahaha

JS: and because Changmin saw ME that’s why he got it done eh?

CM: ah.. I loooked at Junsu.. even with a piericing .. a hole .. i thought “so… there’s no change…” ..ah..

JS: OI… Changmin… please get out of here QUICK!

YH: so summarizing Changmin’s excuse… Changmin became an adult and wanted a change…

CM: yap it was about that afterall... anyhow since I'm a first time guest on bigeastation... I'll read a mail...

JS: aren't you a Tohoshinki member!?!?

CM: well ya ya well...

YH: ok ok I get it. Read it quickly and get out of here quick!

CM: "Junsu graduates from Oyaji gags! he says that on a show but on the next shows after he was saying oyaji gags again with pleasure..."

YH; isn't that the same as Changmin?

CM: we are both same B blood type . "he said that he's aiming for charisma.. is that for reals or is that for comedy(fun) too?"

JS: can I answer honestly?

YH: say it!

JS: I am still without change .. charisma.. this year I want to go for the charisma image!

CM: that's just a wish

JS: yeah .. I want to go for it but...

YH/CM: BUT....

JS: when we film the shows...
[here it starts to be messy they talk together so funny]
JJ: ok up to here today for "Answer me please!"

JS: hold on hooolddd on!!! I HAVE to do this!!!

JJ: ok ok ok

JS: honestly, when we start (filming) I see Mr. Producer's eyes and he sends the message " Junsu MUST be funny here" ...and..

YH: OK WE UNDERSTAND! Mr. Jaejoong, up to here today...

JS: and AND!!!

JJ: (to YH) oh.. how did you know we end here

JS: and I was "asked" be to funny! but THSK's Junsu is aiming for charisma!!

YH: Urusai! (you are noisy!)

JJ: ahhh Urusai desu yo! (he says it so girly like.. "ah >_< noisy!")

JJ: ok today up to here for "Answer me please!"

JS: Everyone please don't forget!

JJ: in this corner please send your questions to us.

JS: i'm not going say anything from now on...

YH: yoroshiku (best regards)

JJ: this is the last song, THSK's 2 hearts

JS: Junsu... charisma... (lolz.. even at the end haha.. he didn't sing the TOHO song after the song, he just plainly said "TOHO da"haha)

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Posted 3/18/08 , edited 3/18/08
Dude, LMAO!!! OMG thanks 4 this, it was freakin' hilarious! ^_^
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Posted 3/18/08 , edited 3/19/08
hehehe! so funny! n love it!!!
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Posted 3/21/08 , edited 3/22/08
I love this! is there one with sub where i can listen to or watch? I mean the whole show.
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Posted 3/22/08 , edited 3/22/08
Lmao That was cracktastic, thanks for sharing xD Aw Changminnie wanna grow up. Noooooo~ Wait for me Changmin oppa >_<
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