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Time for Fahrenheit to spill the beans. WZ is scared of losing his family! Aaron can’t stand cockroaches!!

About the album

Epop: It has been some time since Fahrenheit came out, which programme do you all feel let you all grow up the most?

Fahrenheit: It would be the two mini concerts in HongKong and Guangzhou; we sang eight songs and even invited Tank and Liu Li Yang (the one who sang TiAMo with Aaron) as special guests. The company and we discussed that it will be a warm-up for out concerts, we will work hard.

Epop: Were you all anxious then?

Fahrenheit: More of excited. What we were really anxious was when we were the special guest for S.H.E’s concert, and everyone who attended was their fans, so the pressure was huge. Luckily we have S.H.E as our seniors, if not we will not have the chance to see such a huge scene. And I feel that they are really strong, they have been in the line for seven or eight years but they are still leading as the top female band, and no one can go near them at all.

Epop: Then will you guys go near them?

Fahrenheit: They are seniors so we are not afraid, they treat us very good off stage and we often play together. S.H.E had once been a newcomer, so they know what newcomers need the most is their seniors’ help. And they will also teach us a lot of things, they are very lively off stage too, but once they shoot MV or go on screen they become even lively.

Epop: Why the huge time difference before the release of the second album?[/size]

Fahrenheit: Because many of the songs were recorded repeatedly and some were completely re-recorded.

Epop: Which song was re-recorded?

Fahrenheit: “Wei Ni Can Zia”, we changed another producer because after hearing we feel that some parts were not really good and we were getting unsure of our voice, so we requested to re-record it.

Epop: Can you guys say more about the parts you are in charge of?

Fahrenheit: WZ is in charge of low voice, he can support the richness of the whole band. Jiro’s voice is special and can be recognized immediately. No matter high or low notes Calvin’s voice can let people feel refreshed. Aaron is in charge of the high parts. And we are most proud of ‘Bu Hui Ai’ cause of the harmonization.

Epop: Is there any difference between ‘2FACE’ and your first album?

Fahrenheit: Yes, now we are working more on the harmonization. In fact the aim of the first album is to let everyone see the energetic side of us, a very lively group, and ‘2FACE’ will let us know the inner side of us. Many people see us as idols but idols not only have looks, we want to overthrow this and let people know that idols can also do a lot of other things.

Epop: You guys once said that the four of you had a big fight in the past, what was it over? And why?

Fahrenheit: After the first album we were unsatisfied with each other, the emotions which were suppressed for too long finally break out and we quarreled very fiercely. But after that things stabled and we promised no matter seven or eight years later Fahrenheit will never disband.

Epop: What are the good points of a foursome?

Fahrenheit: That will be being able to split up the jobs when we are in a interview, for example Calvin is in charge of saying why the album is called ‘2FACE’, Jiro is in charge of saying the style of the album and the rest will add in a point or two.

Epop: If one day, someone is not in the right condition what will you guys do?

Fahrenheit: If someone is not in the right condition, the person beside him will silently laugh and wonder ‘What is he talking about’. But basically the rest will use an optimistic attitude to look at others. Afterall everyone has what he wants to show and say.

Start of spilling the beans

Epop: WZ, why do you have tattoo on your arm and ankle?

WZ: Partly is due to curiosity but another part is due to my love for Michael Jordon, so I tattooed a picture of him flying in the air on my ankle.

Epop: Do you think you are similar to ‘Wu Ji Zun’ in ‘Hotshot’? Which character that you have acted is really similar to the real you?

WZ: Sports side is still ‘Wu Ji Zun’ in ‘Hotshot’. But the really me would be ‘Quan’ in ‘Hana Kimi’, we might look cool on the outside but actually we are warm-hearted.

Epop: In ‘They Kiss Again’, Jiro gave his first on screen kiss, how was the feeling?

Jiro: Very shy!

Epop: WZ, what’s the feeling of collaborating with Jerry Yan and Show Luo?

WZ: Very happy! In fact, we have a lot of common topics.

Epop: Who likes to look pretty in Fahrenheit?

WZ: All four of us.

Jiro: WZ

Calvin: Jiro

Aaron: Jiro

Epop: Who do you think is the most handsome in Fahrenheit?

WZ: Myself

Jiro: Myself

Calvin: WZ

Aaron: Myself

Epop: Who likes to throw a tantrum among the four of you?

WZ: Jiro

Jiro: Aaron

Calvin: Jiro Wang, he loves to do it to his mum.

Aaron: Myself

Epop: Among you who love to eat?


Jiro: WZ

Calvin: WZ

Aaron: WZ

Epop: Who is your idol?

WZ: Michael Jordon

Jiro: Michael Jackson

Calvin: Andy Lau. He acts well and is amiable.

Aaron: Takuya Kimura

Epop: What roles do you wish to act as?

WZ: Any role as long as it can give viewers positive message

Jiro: Scientific hero like in ‘The Matrix’

Calvin: A little citizen in a big city, like a vagrant or an office worker.

Aaron: I want to act as ‘L’ in ‘Death Note’ or Kira

Epop: What type of dressing do you guys go for in private?

WZ: Simple, comfort!

Jiro: Fashionable, rock style

Calvin: Individuality, with style, I prefer good looking coat and cap.

Aaron: Superstar’s dressing; I must dress well before leaving the house

Epop: What will you guys do while waiting?

WZ: I don’t like to waste time so I’ll surf the net or manage the fitness centre.

Jiro: Play computer; listen to music, read the script

Calvin: Surf net, sms to friends

Aaron: read the script or memorize the 50 pronunciations of Japanese enrich myself

Epop: What do you do if you feel pressurized?

WZ: Eat delicious food

Jiro: Turn the bass up to the fullest

Calvin: Chat with friends

Aaron: Play game

Epop: What will you do if you are not an artiste?

WZ: Do business or open a fitness centre

Jiro: Teach drawing

Calvin: Do jobs related to finance

Aaron: Teach piano

Epop: What are the things that you are most afraid of?

WZ: Losing someone close to me

Jiro: Falling asleep while riding the bike! Once I felt tired while riding and doze off. The bike was crashing into the roadside, it was really scary!

Calvin: Unable to control the future time

Aaron: Cockroaches, I feel that it’s scary.

Epop: What type of girls do you like?

WZ: Natural and not fake

Jiro: Girls that give off the next-door gal feel like Matsu Takako with charisma

Calvin: Girls with charisma and are gentle

Aaron: Natural, comfortable, cute

Epop: What is the most romantic thing you guys have done before?

WZ: I was studying in Australia but because of my girlfriend I gave up a year of studies there and return to Brunei to accompany her

Jiro: During my ex’s birthday I ran to the river beside her place and make a heart with fireworks to wish her happy birthday

Calvin: Drive from Canada all the way to America with my ex

Aaron: My ex wanted something but when she discussed with me I acted nonchalant but on her birthday I bought it for her and she was touched

Epop: If you had the chance to act in ‘Journey to the West’, what would you act as?

WZ: The monk because I like to preach. But I feel that I’m the Pig because I really love to eat.

Jiro: If Stephen Chow acted as the Monkey God then I’ll act as the grandson beside him.

Calvin: Sha Wu Jing

Aaron: I want to act as Hong Hai Er (red child)

Epop: Which song do you like in the album?

WZ: Xin Wo

Jiro: I like song with more rhythm and my favourite heavy metal so I’ll pick ‘Chu Shen Ru Hua’

Calvin: Xin Wo. When you listen it’s very relaxed and happy plus it’s easy to pick-up

Aaron: TiAMo, that’s the song I sang with Liu Li Yang.

Epop: In the album there’s a song ‘Yi Wan Ge Kuai Le’, what is the thing that you guys are most happy about?

WZ: Eating

Jiro: Eating the food mum cooked

Calvin: Doing the things I liked after shower at night

Aaron: Having a good bath to relax myself

Epop: Which MV did you guys had the hardest time filming?

WZ: ‘Xin Li You Shu’, because we woke up at 4am for a shooting in Mongolia, after that we rushed back to Taiwan immediately, it was really tiring.

Jiro: I feel that it’s ‘Xin Li You Shu’ too

Calvin: ‘Bu Hui Ai’, although I had kissing scene with the female lead but in the end my whole body was injured while carrying her, it was really tiring.

Aaron: ‘Chu Shen Ru Hua’, I guess. Because I injured my legs then so I had to act like I was kidnapped. I was tied to the chair for really long.

Epop: Can let us know what is the craziest thing fans had done for you?

WZ: Once I had to return to Brunei to settle some matters of the fitness centre and fans actually followed me from Taiwan back to Brunei.

Jiro: There was once our van was travelling at a speed of 100km/h and there were still fans following us on bikes, that’s really dangerous.

Calvin: Went to my house and shoot a photo of my dad

Aaron: Get my dad to treat them, chat with my mum and in the end my mum treated them to a meal

Epop: Think of the times when you were overseas, what was the most memorable?

WZ: Seeing fans from all over the world, it feels really good

Jiro: Seeing fans from all over the world following us wherever we go, it’s really touched.

Calvin: It was my birthday shortly after the release of the first album, so wherever we went we would cut a cake; I cut at least over 20 cakes.

Aaron: Fans from overseas are filled with passion, everytime I wore white shoes in the end it will become black in colour
that's all!!!
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