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O.C.D. ( Obsessive Compulsive Disorder )
Posted 12/29/10 , edited 12/29/10

KillerCrouton2 wrote:

I was diagnosed with this a few months ago, but I don't know. I'm not necessarily compulsive about being clean, or about being organized, but making sure everything is safe. I'm paranoid of everything, even the fact I may not even have OCD and I have some other odd mental state that I'm taking the wrong pills for. Also I'm constantly worried about getting sick because I know it will interfere with school and my social life. If I sneeze or cough, or show any symptoms of a cold, I panic. I never like being left out of things, for fear that someone will get hurt and I would only be able to hear about it later. It's frustrating, and I always feel I have to be near people. When I'm alone, my thoughts build up and I get depressed very quickly. I don't think this is OC, and I don't trust my therapist. Opinions? Please?
I think what you don't have is the power of vulnerability.

I mean think about it, what's wrong for someone who needs healing when they were really sick in the first place? When I apply holistic self-healing process in order to boost my metabolism and subsequently my immune system, the objective truth is that my body is equipped with the potential to become strong, but it needs help in the form of natural adversity as opportunity. In order for it to progress and become even stronger, by itself being constantly stimulated with challenges. So why not with my mentality?

To think, I was doing that years before some psychologist was profiting his ideas.
Posted 1/28/12 , edited 1/28/12
My step dad has it, and I can't stand him - not because he has OCD, but because he refuses to believe he has a problem and therefore laughs at anyone who tries to tell him to stop doing something that is blatantly annoying. He won't take HELP from anyone, and therefore subjects others to his issues as well as himself.

If you have OCD, so what? You will be surprised at how many people around you also have personality disorders. I have ADHD, and though it hardly shows unless something or someone makes me really happy, it hurts when I realize I've gone overboard. In that moment I am extremely embarrassed, and might continue acting the same in order to cover up that fact which makes me even more embarrassed..I think it takes practice and a lot of self - evaluating. I think the best thing you can do is take help/advice, accept that no one is purpose, and remember that there are so many things you can do that others wish they could - your disorder is ONE ASPECT of your life. Sometimes it only feels like it's taking control.

And remember that by recognizing your issues, not living in denial, you will be that much more likeable to yourself and all those you come in contact with. Don't be like my stepdad who is so accustomed to this lifestyle that he tells people, "It''s my way or the highway, because I'm older." Having OCD does not mean being just like him.

I feel a bit cold now. But I cannot help someone who is so insecure they may snap at me for asking how much detergent I should be using. That's how you get cussed out.
Posted 2/5/12 , edited 2/5/12
Yep. I brush my teeth 3+ times a day, need to open and close the door multiple times in order to make sure I properly closed it, need to go back to the fridge downstairs after use in order to make sure it's closed, and I most of the time need to call home to make sure I turned off the power on my hair iron. Definitely from my dad, I used to be scared of his OCD but now I have it too. LOLOLOL.
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28 / Shrieking Shack
Posted 2/7/12
I always score pretty high on OCD tests but that might be because of my slight paranoia rather than anything compulsive. I have other psychological issues that bother me more than the compulsive traits.
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Posted 2/9/12
My OCD is to arrange everything that I see by their color. It annoys me if I see a box of crayons that hasn't been organized.
Posted 3/31/12
i have an obsession with making sure that everything is unplugged, switched off and locked when i get out. i would have to at least try three times to make sure. -___- i hate it.
Posted 4/13/12
I don't know.. Is OC like a habit then? Or an obsessive habit? ><
I check my desk alot... To see whether it has dust in it. If it does, I get a cloth and wipe it all off..... >.> Same as other people's tables.. And chairs.. And the keyboard.. And instuments?
It's not as bad anymore.. I slacked off a bit during the years.. Worn me out zzZZzzzzz
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Posted 4/20/12
before i go to sleep i: (and im not joking about this)

1)i do 25 push up and 50-70 crunches
2)i adjust my curtain so that the creases look in a particular manner
2)i unplug the power cord from laptop computer and arrange it in a particular way on the ground
3)i go urinate then drink i ton of water, fill a cup up and put it on the counter by my bed head
before i go to sleep i change my socks to a new pair
Posted 4/24/12

dirkjr wrote:

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a psychiatric anxiety disorder most commonly characterized by a subject's obsessive, distressing, intrusive thoughts and related compulsions (tasks or "rituals") which attempt to neutralize the obsessions.

Is anyone an O.C.? i watched it in the television, some people didn't know they have this kind of disorder. others hurt themselves for being an "OC" person like one person almost peeled his hand skin for washing the dirt off because he always like to be clean

i myself is a little OC in terms of using spoon and fork, it must be a pair or else i cannot eat!

I suppose I could qualify for OCD... keeping my personal space spot clean almost always. I always strategically place things in a spot where I know where it will be for future use. When it is moved without permission, I become very pissed.
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22 / F / Scandinavia
Posted 4/27/12
I have OCD.
I have a terrible lot of rituals I have to go through everyday. If I don't, I can't concentrate or focus on anything else, until I have performed my ritual.
But I mostly suffer from contamination fear. It's where you fear that by touching stuff you'll catch a disease.
Which means, I can't even sit down in a chair. I open doors and handles with my albows. Etc.

I would write more about it, but one of my rituals makes it so that I'm unable to write some stuff down. I can't even write down why.
Ah I hate this.
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34 / M / SOCAL
Posted 8/11/12
I have them too I have a few ritual of my own that I have to do in order to start my day everyday ( Both morning and at night )
Ahahaha what can I say much of our lives is sometimes nothing more than just a bunch of stultifying routines
Posted 8/12/12
I suffer from HOCD and ROCD. Not fun at all.
Posted 8/16/12
I'm slightly OCD. Not like my Grandmother, though. Oh, that woman.
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26 / F / Peru :)
Posted 8/25/12
I dont have too many rituals but i do have MY seats if im not seated there then i can not listen to class or focus on what im doing, and i HATE disorder. I was said to be slightly OCD so it was fun to find this forum
Posted 9/21/12
I can be somewhat obsessive about spelling and grammar but I'm sure that barely attributes to OCD.
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