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Posted 3/19/08
I've seen suju pair up with their couple over and over again. I was just wondering what other people's favorite couple from suju is. Mine is EunHae. They're cute and funny together and almost always, I see a Eunhae moment.
Posted 3/22/08
I mostly see Eunhae and there really funny together so my favorite is Eunhae.
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Posted 8/19/08
haha.. yeah.. me too.. I love to see vid about them.. they like 2 have fun & fight hehe..
u can see this vid.. I really really do love it.. they looked so cute..=D

Donghae wants to play with Eunhyuk

& here with siwon.. abuse fitness equipment!!

well.. u can find so many cute & funny vid about them.. love them.. =D
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Posted 8/22/08
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