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Posted 3/19/08 , edited 3/19/08
Within his slumber,
His fallen castle shrouded
by the clouds of darkness,
His loyal servants,
Lythammos the disciple,
Avthanas the advisor
Ryvathanos the subordinate,
Syrlathan the messenger,
Manothas the guardian,
'Jannas the grand commander
Svactimael the collector
and Ardhelael the supporter,
ready to awaken him,
ready to serve him,
with fear, loyalty and submittion to their master

Awake our Great Master,
By the word of 'Varinthiael'
the 'Lonely One'
Only you alone who controlled 13 domains,
only ruled his servant forces of Va'athril,
The Netherworld is in your power!

We chant to you,
For your awakening,
from your slumber that taken for aeons,

"By darkness thy Fallen One,
By darkness thy Fallen Prince,
Be fallen o Lonely One,
And darkness prevail thy Prince.....
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