Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean Dramas and Music
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Posted 9/5/07
Dunno if this topic was already discussed b4.. but i wanna hear ur opinions...
in Dramas, do you prefer the Jap, Kor, or Taiwanese ones??
how about in songs/singers?

tell us ur reason
Posted 9/5/07
Japaenese for DRAMAS. cause they come up with more intersesting story lines.

I like Japanese and korean music. I don't listen to Taiwainese or chinese music, nor have i watched dramas. so yuuur.
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Posted 9/5/07
dramas: all :)--but depends on storyline. i hate cheezy, boring dramas. as long as its fun, im watching

music: korean-cuz i love the balads, r&b, hiphop, soft rock. (i dont like pop-esp by little teenboppers)
taiwanese, music is okay, i like their balads more than anything else, but alot of their balads are remakes of korean ones from the ones ive heard.
japanese, music is okay too, but yeahh they focus on pop and rock so much, i havent been exposed to some good balads and r&b yet.
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Posted 9/6/07
Wow, way too broad.

Sorry, locked.
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