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Posted 3/19/08 , edited 3/19/08
Have you ever
been thinking
or daydreaming how
it would be if
you died
daydreamed every
of dying
who wher not right
ageins you?

Just walking down the street
felling the
snow flakes
melt on your skin
and turns
into water
just as you think
would the
memory of me
to just melt away
as the
little snow flakes
if I die?

Hearing the music
and take it
into the strory
you made of your
poor self
the beat be to
heart beat
the song
turning into
your life
and what happned
its your dicision
but in every
your the victim...

Have you ever
been thinking
how it would be
to kill
to be the one that persons seek
whit reason to kill
whit no reson to kill

all those are stories
writed by you
on paper
or in your mind

never tell
those pepole what you think
and what
you dream
its not that easy
to understand
whats going on
in our world
let it be
and countinue
the story
or begin on a new one

but one point
you must reameber
sometimes its just the best
to dream
and fantsy
making it to reality...

can someone guess wher I got thet idear from??? well I know...
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