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M / Gwinn Mi
Posted 3/19/08
In time everthing changes,
A castle of cold thoughts turns
out to be a mirror of beliefs,
The same is with dreams,
The pleasant ones slowly
change to nightmares,
While nightmares slowly
convert to flowers and rainbows.

Silence through sound,
A bottle of sand sits alone,
Add water and you make mud,
Walking home on a rainy day,
A vampires worst nightmare.

Younger thoughts turn out
to be older thoughts,
As the masks you wear truly
don't hide the scars,
Why the tears?
Sometimes a scream
is better after all.

Beyond the mirror,
Hills flowing of green,
But still I'm trapped,
For I am still behind its glass,
Suffocation off the reflections.

Everywhere I travel a poem
comes to mind,
Your metal lips and
your silver tongue,
But a puppet you are
and always will be,
But there's no one there
to guide your strings.

I pieced together a bird with glue,
Nothing but lies and crooked wings,
And ash peoples eyes turn
towards the living,
I think pink, but I talk black.

A stone in the middle of a field,
A monument, great like a first kiss,
Tell me whats so special,
For knoledge is a tree,
In time it will change but
only if you add a little water.

Remember child,
Words can hurt but hurt
can still please the simple,
What is a personality?
Tell me the color you feel
when your angry,
Can i guess, is it red, perhaps black?

Puple haze all through my eyes,
Why the haze, exuse me while I tear,
Did someone die perhaps?
Then why wasn't I informed?
You need only to know i wright with light.

An old house that no one wanted,
Three dead seasons later
it sits still and alone, like a single apple,
Its eyes turn towards me as I walk the trail,
Its long and it weaves, almost like
saying hello.

Even if the light obstructs the
view I'm still a stranger,
Notice the pain in my heart,
This now which musn't disapper
is certainly here.
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