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Posted 3/20/08 , edited 5/15/08

Love Academy

Mission: To spead the love to all human kind and the like.

Goal: The world to be loved-up.

To all students, teachers, other employees, and all Love Academy members:

I have a few rules in this academy. And i hope you all understand and follow.

Main Rules
1. Insult and discrimmination to a member is prohibited. If a person is caught, he/she will a warning, then may be followed by being kicked from the group.
2. English is the main languange in this academy. Never speak other languange aside from English.
3. Avoid loiterring in the corridors.
4. Vandalism is prohibited.
5. Everyone can speak up what in their minds, as long as it won't damage the reputation to the school, or upset other members, or even the crunchyroll's administrator.


1. Only create threads that are directly related to the theme of this group which is love and friendship, or threads that are directly related to the Love Academy.
2. Duplicating a thread is prohibited unless the first thread was full, e.g. classes, offices. Ask permission to the Academy's Headmistress and the Deputy first before proceeding to making new thread.
3. Don't make threads that may cause negative results or that will raise further arguments from the members.
4. If possible consult the creator/moderators first before proceeding to making a new thread.


1. Upload pictures that are suits the nature of the Academy.
2. Strictly PG-13 pictures and no obscene images.
3. Pictures that are not suitable or or in different nature from the academy will be deleted.


1. A student who is included in a different class will not be allowed to interfere in another class unless permitted by a professor.
2. A student who doesn't have an Academic Job will not be allowed to live in the Staff Dormitories. Only students who have at least one job and three classes are allowed to stay in the Staff Dorm.
3. Fighting and raising insults are not allowed in either classrooms or dormitories.


1. Speaking english languange in the chatroom is essential. There are international members that dont understand foreign languages, and we insist that everyone should speak english or translate the words being said in a foreign languange for the internationals to understand.
2. No insults, fights, and intimidating other people in the chatroom.
3. Post a good natured comment in the wall. Any hazardous or obscene comments will be removed.

These rules will be kept updated. So please heed them nicely.

Yours truly,

Headmistress, Love Academy
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