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Medical squad!!
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Posted 3/27/08 , edited 3/28/08
haha great!!
you all are waiting for Godaime to give you your mission!!

good luck and have fun!!
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Rank:Medical nin
Chakra Type:Unsion
History:Having to be so mnay things on other groups I've learned to control all my powers into one body.My medical from Tsunade.My puppets from Sasori.My Sand from Gaara.My wind from Temari.All mixed together equals me~
Ninja Abilities
Desert Requiem ____Shukaku Shield
Floating Sand ____Spear Of Shukaku
Great cutting whirlwind ____Puppet Shield
Flamethrower ____Water Jet
Death foreseeing Jutsu ____Kunai Darts
Water Dragon Missile____Ninken
Poison Fog ____Mystic Palm
Black Petals _____Umbrella Needle Drop
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Rank:Medical Ninja
Chakra Type:Wind
History:grow up in a normal family and my dream is to be a ninja.When I graduate the Chuunin exam I became a Medical Ninja.
Ninja Abilities:Healing Techniques and some basic jutsus.Also good on wind Techniques and know some fire jutsus.
Weapon:Katana and Kunai.
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History:Dan's niece and when he die go with Tsunade as her assistant.Im is currently a medical nin in Konoha and led the regeneration of Hyuga Neji using Chikatsu Saisei no Jutsu (Healing Resuscitation Regeneration Technique). Shizune is quite close to Tsunade, one of the few people Tsunade will trust with absolute certainty and a fairly talented and capable ninja in her own right. Unlike Tsunade, Im level headed, practical, and a rational thinker. As a result, she is the one who tends to stress over details like Tsunade's tendency to gamble and think with her heart. Shizune also looks after Tonton, Tsunade's pet pig. When Tsunade became Hokage, Shizune became more of an assistant to her while also going on missions to help with the lack of man-power after the Sound/Sand Invasion.
Ninja Abilities:In battle, Shizune, much like Tsunade, is a medical-nin who knows healing techniques, although not as advanced as her master. She also has a contraption on her right wrist, which has five holes that can launch poisonous needles at her opponent. Furthermore, Shizune also possesses the ability to shoot these poisonous needles out of her mouth. She is quick, fierce ninja who fights for the honor of her master. But first and foremost, Shizune fights to protect the Hidden Leaf Village.
Weapon:Poison Neddle

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These mission looks great!!!
Keep it up everybody, you're doing a really great job!!!
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Histroy:I grew up in the mist village but i was shun by everyone becuase of my water powers.So i traveled around all the villages shunned me until i came upon Konoha.I live there for awhile and everyone was nice so i deicided to stay after the Chunin exams i deicieded to become a medical ninja.
Ninja Abilities:Mostly like Haku.I cant reall explain.(sorry )
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Wasup is everyone finished with the mission?cuz nothing has happened in awhile
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Sorry it took so kept dragging me in and wouldn't leave me alone....

First Manga Appearance: Chapter 137
First Anime Appearance: Naruto Episode 79
Name Meaning: Inu=Dog zuka=A small hill, Hana=Flower, nose or end
Hidden Village: Leaf Village
Rank: Chuunin
Age: 18
Notable Features: Veterinarian
See also: Inuzuka Clan, Kuromaru, Inuzuka Kiba, Inuzuka Tsume

Registration ID: 012368
Birthday: April 13th
Blood Type: O
Height: 170.3 cm
Weight: 52.5 kg

History: I am the sister of Inuzuka Kiba and more well known as a vet. I use canine partners as does most of the Inuzuka clan and share most of the same abilities. However i am also a special persuit/tracker ninja. This causes me to use more than one dog at most times. I was also the one sent after Akamaru when he became infected with a chemical virus.

Jutsus and weapons: Shikyaku no jutsu and other jutsus allowing for the uptake of canine like abilities. Uses normal shinobi weapons (kunai/shuriken) but also uses smoke bombs and Ninken.
Posted 4/2/08 , edited 4/2/08
i havnt got mine yet
Posted 4/2/08 , edited 4/2/08

History:Lived in the wilderness until now.Thats all.Simple eh?
Weapons:Kunai,Poisions Kunai Darts,and Me Fox!
Posted 4/3/08 , edited 4/4/08

Name: Ino Yamanaka
Age: 13
Rank: chuunin medical ninja
Chakra type:
HIstory: In the Forest of Death, I help Sakura and Rock Lee fight off the Sound Genin until Sasuke, his Cursed Seal having awoken, forces the
Sound Genin to retreat. My first match in the Chunin Exams is against Sakura. The two do not battle seriously at first, until Sakura,
unwilling to have me pity her, denounces her. Me and Sakura battle seriously afterward and use up most of their energy in the process.
Then i attempt to enter Sakura's mind after cutting my hair and sending chakra into it to immobilize her. I succeed,
but Im expelled by Inner Sakura. Low on chakra, me and Sakura charge each other for one last attack, and knock each other out,
resulting in both of them being eliminated. When we regain consciousness, we start becoming friends again, but still maintain
our rivalry over Sasuke. I accompanie Sakura to visit Sasuke in the month between the preliminaries and the finals,
but i find that he is gone. Part II, I know medical jutsu.
ninja abilities: Mind Body Switch Technique, Mind Body Disturbance Technique, Mystical Palm Technique (Medical Jutsu)
Weapons: kunai and shuriken
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