Bleach Movie Subbed! Beware [email protected] :O!,
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Posted 9/9/07 , edited 9/9/07
DB has just subbed it, if u want heres the torrent link

I recommend downloading "BitSpirit" which has the best connection or use uTorrent. Those other bitorrent clients will be pretty slow ~.^

I just saw the movie and eh it was so-so for me. The ending song was pretty awesome though :D!

This movie kind of went back to the roots of what made me like this show. The bulk of the setting was in the town, and there were lots of little jokes like Ichigo almost losing his real body. Ichigo’s interaction with Senna gave off that slight slice of life feel that I really like, which made me appreciate the movie a lot. Senna is a very interesting character, and she succeeded in making me feel the attachment to the character. I really loved the background she had, and it was really sad to see her struggle to regain her memories. Her shinigami moves were also pretty freaking cool. I loved the autumn leaves. Many of her lines were also really good, particularly the one I quoted below with the picture sc. The red ribbon gave off a powerful form of symbolism, and the bittersweet message at the end of the movie had me pretty moved.

The actual plot was pretty basic. It was basically another damsel in distress story that I’ve seen way too much in Bleach or any other shounen show. The “Dark Ones” were also pretty pathetic excuses for antagonists. I was kind of hoping that we would see a bit more action from some of the major characters, but I guess what we got was pretty acceptable too. The Captain fights were pretty cool :)`

here some images i was found of :)

this one scene i loved so!
"She" says 'Looking from high places, things that usually cannot be seen become clear.'

First time she meets ichigo :P

Now we all know Shinigami's cant draw :P!
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Posted 9/9/07
Please no more Bleach threads.

Discuss anything about the movie here-
[Bleach] Memories of Nobody

Also... Thanks for letting my know it's subbed.
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Posted 9/9/07
Yes, yes we know its subbed. Too bad no one can upload it seeing as its subbed by DB.

[Bleach] Memories of Nobody

Stand by to lock...
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Posted 9/9/07
Thanks for the information, but please find the appropriate existing thread to post this in.
A new thread wasn't necessary.


EDIT: Links above~
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