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Post Reply If Sakura would some how marry Sasuke 1 day, what would u do?
Posted 10/6/09
well that's easy! ONE:pretend to be happy for her. TWO:gain enough of her trust so that i can be trusted to make her cake and then put tons of laxative in it! >:D THREE:days before the wedding i'll get sasuke and naruto drunk and then take pictures of them making out! FIVE:i'll steal sasuke's wallet,put the pics in it,and keep it with me FOUR:i'll "pretend" to be late to the wedding and arrive just when their eating cake.then i'll give sakura the photos and ill tell her that they were "sticking out" of sasuke's wallet which i "found under a bush" near naruto's house which was why i was late. sakura will hate sasuke and will suffer never ending diarrhea! >:D

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