r u still mad about the lost of bleach???!!!!!!!!!
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Posted 3/20/08
hello ppl.
i just want you ppl to know that
i was messed up when bleach was licensed.
even naruto and shipudden
i know how to watch them....
english version
i know how to watch the english version of bleah
with full length of all vids.
all you have to d is just go to myspacetv.com
type in the episode of what you want at the search bar.
you are gonna see a bleach eps.
but if you want the english versions
look for the ones that have english dubbed for their title.
well enjoy
and if you have a myspace add me!!!!
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Posted 3/20/08
enough, please. There have been dozens of threads about this.

get over it. It's not like it's a rare anime to find.

and dont advertise here.
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