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Make u own clan put what there trade mark is any blood line (if there is any any) special techniqs the clan is Known for and any thing els u can think of
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my clan is the Akuma clan we have the power to create a bijuu through sacrifice of or members teh sacrifices the more powerful it is also able to pass down bijuu for 5 generations after that have to make a new one also all trained in with one wepon that is asigned at birth and only head of family can posses bijuu no branch members or young children
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My clan is the odama clan, here.

Odama Clan
They hold the power to control any Bijuu and even Jinchuuriki. They have the power to copy abilities including Kekkei Genkai. The clan are made of elites and their skill in Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Taijutsus are incredible. Their signature jutsu is,
Fire Style: Ultimate Fire Bullets.

Weapons the Clan members carries.
Karadoma- A sword that carries sealing abilities. When thrown, it will explode and will return to the user. This sword can only be used by the Odama clan. When this sword stabs through the heart, the enemy will be sucked into the sword, increasing it's power. The whole entire sword is black, the hilt, the blade, and the handguard, all black. At the tip, there are the sealing words. They use this sword to seal away jinchuuriki, humans, and humans that are immortal(Some people say they can't be killed, but this doesn't kill, it seals). The sword will never break or even get a scratch(We don't know that actually since it is black but it can't be chipped so we assume that it can't be scratched). The Seal cannot be broken even if you kill the user. You can only bring the person sealed back, if the user wants to.
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24 / M / were else would i be
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my clam is the moondarbay clan.We have the power 2 fly useing chakra.We use taijutsu , ninjutsu , genjutsu.Masterd eryone.Our signature attack is the aura blast.Almost everyone will have theire own custume made weapons
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29 / M / The Village of Hi...
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My clan is called The Yami. They were all user's of darkness and every member had a special jutsu that gave the a power over darkness. Only people from the Village of Hidden Shadows were born with such powers. All the other members were sloughtered by a clan that, with the help of the Kurama clan, I had revenge on. The clan is now rebuilding. The members of the clan are not related. In fact the only way to become a part of the clan is to be able to use a technique called the Meiuyoku and to have the Naito judge you as worthy. It is a technique that gives the power of flight. It is chakra wings that are formed from darkness on ones back. It consumes most of the users chakra so it is not a very good battle attack, but is great for watching over the Village and travel. The members also all specialize in darkness techniques. They all have a technique that only they can use which was givin to us by the Naito. So any Shinobi can be a part of the clan if they are accepted by the Naito and can use the Meiuyoku.
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