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█Daisuke Kusuriya (薬屋 大助, Kusuriya Daisuke?)
Voiced by: Shintaro Asanuma
The main protagonist, it is believed that he is the strongest host in SEPB. His alias is "Kakkō" (かっこう, "Kakkō"? lit. Cleridae). Years ago, he shot Shiika's mushi, and promised her to make her dream come true. However, he does not seem to realize that Shiika was the girl he made the promise to. He has a sister named Chiharu, whose whereabouts are currently unknown. His mushi power manifests in powering a gun he carries. It is hinted that the more powerful he makes the bullet, the more his dreams or energy is drained.

█Shiika Anmoto (杏本 詩歌, Anmoto Shiika?)
Voiced by: Kana Hanazawa
Thought to be one of the most dangerous host. Her mushi, "Fuyuhotaru" (ふゆほたる, "Fuyuhotaru"? lit. "Winter Firefly"), was killed by Daisuke years prior to the main story. After she regained her memories and emotions, she escaped GARDEN, and was found by Daisuke. She now lives in Rina's house and goes by the alias "Snow Fly" (スノウ・フライ, Sunō Furai?) within Mushibane. Her mushi power is unspecific where the mushi shines like a bright ball and is able to cause heavy impacts with high velocity tackles. Furthermore, it can create a snow storm that kills other mushi in it, presumably by high atmospheric pressure. She is stabbed by a mushi and ends up in the hospital. At the end of season 1, Kakkou tells her to wait for him at the astronomy building.

█Rina Tachibana (立花 利奈, Tachibana Rina?)
Voiced by: Hitomi Nabatame
Daisuke's classmate, and the leader of Mushibane. After seeing Shiika, she let her stay in her house. She has a crush on Daisuke, unaware of his true identity or his feelings for Shiika. According to Daisuke, she reminds him of his older sister. Her alias is "Lady" (レイディー, Reidī?) and her mushi power is to summon her giant ladybug nicknamed "Nanahoshi" (means 7 stars). She is able to ride Nanahoshi to fly. Her most powerful attack used on a berserk Centi seems to be a highspeed sonic slash.

█Keigo Haji (土師 圭吾, Haji Keigo?)
Voiced by: Daisuke Hirakawa
Leader of the SEPB branch on Ouka city. His sister lives by eating away his dreams, a fact only known to him and Daisuke.

█Tōko Gorōmaru (五郎丸 柊子, Gorōmaru Tōko?)
Voiced by: Reiko Takagi
Haji's ditzy secretary. She mainly serves to lightened the mood when Haji and Kakkō (or other SEPB members) are talking in a serious tone.

█Azusa Horizaki (堀崎 梓, Horizaki Azusa?)
Voiced by: Yukari Tamura
A double agent working for both Haji and Mushibane. Her true intention is to defeat Kakkō and take his place as Haji's right hand, whom she is in love with. Her alias is "Minmin" (みんみん, "Minmin"?), and her mushi power involves spying as her cicada acts as a tapping device. It also has the ability to shoot small lasers and somehow grants Minmin the power to fly and float. Her mushi is later killed by Shiika's mushi, Fuyuhotaru.


█Mushi (虫, Mushi?)
Mysterious parasites that appeared ten years ago. Feeds off the dreams of its human host and provides supernatural powers in exchange.

█Host (虫憑き, Mushitsuki?)
People who have been infected by Mushi. Once possessed, the Mushi will feed until its host dies.

█Fallen (欠落者, Ketsurakusha?)
Hosts whose Mushi has been killed become Fallen. They lose their dreams, memories, emotions and are unable to do anything of their will unless ordered. It is possible for them to regain memories and emotions after having their Mushi killed.

█Special Environmental Preservation Bureau (特別環境保全事務局, Tokubetsu Kankyō Jimukyoku?)
Also known as SEPB, is an organization established by the government that employs Hosts to capture other Hosts, in order to prevent existence of Mushi from being known.

█Mushibane (むしばね, Mushibane?)
A resistance force comprised of Hosts fighting against SEPB for the sake of freedom.

A top-secret facility created by the government to quarantine the Fallen.

█The "Original Three"
Three mysterious characters believed to be the whole source of the mushi phenomena, as apparently everyone who became a host, had encountered one of them before doing so. Neutralizing these individuals is the top objective of the SEPB. Later is revealed that the true objective of the Originals is to eat the dreams from other hosts. So far the only original appeared is named the "Voracious Eater", a woman who has a giant moth as a mushi, which can generate smaller versions of itself to eat the dreams of other hosts.
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Posted 3/20/08
Episode titles:
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1. The Beginning of the Dream_ 夢ノ始マリ_Yume no hajimari

-A Mushitsuki by the name of Yuki is hunted down and killed by the the Special Environmental Conservation Executive Office. The Mushibane almost save him, but eventually fail. In the second half of the episode, Kakkō is introduced to his new school as Daisuke Kusuriya, and the episode concludes with the meeting between Kakkō and Shiika.

2. Dream's Bond_夢ノ絆_Yume no kizuna

-Kakkō and Shiika start to get to know each other better, whilst Kakkō's classmates start to get somewhat curious about his relationship with Shiika. The episode also shows us Shīka's background, how she discovered her powers as a Mushitsuki and her arrest by SEPB.

3. Prisoners of the Dream_夢ノ虜タチ_Yume no toritachi

-Daisuke and Shiika meet again at the city's Kaihin Park. Unknown to the pair, both Mushibane and SEPB are there too. SEPB surrounds both groups and attempts to detain them, although Mushibane manage to fend them off.

4. Crushed Dreams_砕ケ散ル夢_Kudake chiru yume

-While struggling to protect Rina, Centi's mushi enters the maturation process and becomes a giant monster, and she finds no option but to take it down in order to save Centi's life.

5. A Chance Meeting of Dreams_巡リ会ウ夢_Meguriau yume

-After the incident at the park, Shiika ends up finding shelter at Rina's place. While getting used to her new life, she and Kakkō reminisce about the day when they first met.

6. Targeted Dreams_狙ワレタ夢_Nerawareta yume

-Rina grants Shiika's request to visit her school, while one of her friends starts to experience some strange phenomena.

7. Labyrinth of Dreams_夢ノ迷路_Yume no meiro

-Three new hunters from SEPB are sent into Ōka to aid in the search for Shiika. Meanwhile, Asami also discovers the truth about her.

8. Unfulfilled Dreams_見果テヌ夢_Mihatenu yume

-Kasuo pursues Asami into digital space, where Kakkō narrowly saves her. Asami and Kasuo escape from digital space, but Kakkō is left behind. The next day, Kasuo destroys Asami's Mushi, causing her to become one of the Fallen.

9. Fragments of Dreams_夢ノ欠片_Yume no kakera

-Shiika and Daisuke go on a date to the planetarium, but when they are seen together by Rina, each girl realizes the other's feelings for him. In the same occasion, both Daisuke and Rina discovered Shiika's true identity.

10. Passing Dreams_スレ違ウ夢_Surechigau yume

-Rina learns from Minmin about GARDEN's location, and determined to rescue the fallen imprisoned there by herself, she leaves Shiika to the care of her Mushibane fellows. Knowing she is actually walking into a trap, Daisuke tries to dissuade her.

11. Endless Dream_終ワラナイ夢_Owaranai yume

-While Rina is surrounded by Haji's forces at GARDEN, Shiika ends up alone to defend herself against Minmin and Kabuto. Just when Kakkō is about to fight Rina's mushi, who entered in maturation, one of the Originals appears before him.

12. Dreaming Firefly_夢ミル蛍_Yume miru hotaru

Kakkō manages to retrieve Rina from inside her mushi, but it was too late for her. While he struggles against Nanahoshi, Haji ends up seriously hurt and a wounded Shiika fights to stop her mushi from going berserk too.
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