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In need of a new hair style.
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Posted 12/1/08

RomanceAtHeart wrote:

I don't like the colored ones honestly..Its really..well...colsplayirish...makes you sound like an otaku (anime/manga nerd)
sorry its in my opinion don't be offended!!
You're so pretty!! ^-^
I reccomend growing it out then get a V-Cut..
That would look pretty

heh this style was a while ago. i've changed it a bit since then.

the first one is the most current.

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Posted 12/9/08
bang bang bang~
perfect topic for me~
uhhmm.. ok..
i want a new hairstyle..
but what hairstyle wud fit me??

P.S. = nvrmnd my face~

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Posted 12/10/08

Generally, you could add some long layers so your hair will have more bounce and won't lie as flat.
But with your face shape, you would suit a very wide range of hairstyles.
Since you have a long face, a light side-swept fringe will look fantastic.

These are also hairstyles you may want to consider:

I tried to incorporate a variety of different styles, so there are some suggestions that are quite radical.
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