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Posted 3/21/08 , edited 6/4/08
Pop star, Rain, seen doing cross stitch? Believe it or not, this istrue. The picture in which he is doing cross stitch, while waiting forhis performance, is creating a quite a buzz on the Internet. Whenspotted in a waiting room by entertainment news programs cameras, starsare usually seen taking a rest from their hectic schedule, or busypreparing for their performance. Another typical scene is of starschatting with colleagues whom they haven’t seen for a long time.

ButRain is different! He was recently spotted in a waiting room doingcross stitch. His ‘feminine’ side, revealed in the picture, is all themore surprising given that he’s famous for his powerful and masculinedancing.

Rain has recently returned from his tour of China andHong Kong. Due to his huge popularity in the region, he had to useevery means possible to stay away from the prying eyes of thepaparazzi. As he’s such a big star in Asia as well as in Korea, thepicture of him doing cross stitch to relieve stress brings him closerto his fans.

Rain has been invited to perform before a 50,000audience for a pre-match show at Yoyogi National Stadium in Tokyo. Hesang at the show on July 28 before the friendly soccer match betweenManchester United and Kashima Antlers. Along with this performance,Rain gave concerts on July 30 and 31 in Tokyo and on August 3 and 4 inOsaka as part of his “Rainy Day-Japan” tour.

This article has been translated from Sports Today.
Picture courtesy of Sports Today

Posted 3/21/08
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Posted 3/21/08
hahaha!!! My oppa is always cute he try to make a cross stitch
Me too I don’t how to make it omo!!!!
i love u
You are awsome
u know how to be sexy and cute in the same time
saraganda oppa

thank u JeongJi-hun for making this topic
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Posted 3/23/08
Eeeeeee! So adorable! I love him even more now.
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Posted 4/25/08
.i never imagined that!
soo CUTE :)

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Posted 5/18/08 can he cross stitch it with he's HOT gloves on???
Posted 6/1/08
new link the ending is funny hope you like it XD
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Posted 6/4/08
soooo cooooooooooool all this i love him
his soooooooooooo funny
i love u my jihooni
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Posted 10/8/08
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