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Posted 3/21/08 , edited 3/21/08
I just never get tired of this stuff! haha Enjoy!

Mobile Answer (Junsu x Yunho x Jaejoong)
Q: Is there any movie you watched recently that you’d like to recommend?

JS: [I Am Legend]. I felt like reading the original text after watching the movie

YH: [우리생애최고의순간] (T/N: English title: Forever the Moment), it’s a recent Korean movie about handball

JJ: [Interview]

Q: A Japanese song you liked recently is?
JS: “Kokoni iruyo’ (Here I am) (T/N: by Soulja) I like the rap and melody of the song

JJ: I like L’ARC~EN~CIEL’s ‘Daybreak’s Bell’

Q: A Western song you liked recently is?
JS: Brain McKnight’s ‘So Sorry’. I’ll tear up just by listening to it, it’s a good song

YH: “Love Is On The Way’ is a song that’s completely filled with Billy Porter’s charm, it’s a very good song.

JJ: I like Color Me Badd’s songs. The main vocalist’s voice is very unique

Q: A game you’re addicted to?
JS: A Korean online game, ‘Grando Espada’. It makes me very happy because it can move and train on its own when I leave my computer on when I’m at work

YH: Everyone’s addicted to online games

JJ: Recently, I’m getting tired of playing games online

Q: Food that you like recently?
JS: I really like Hitsumabushi

YH: Chili ramen

JJ: I still like curry

Q: A Japanese word you learnt recently?
JS: Absorb (suitoru),

YH: School gathering, effusion (shinshutsu), bland (burando)

JJ: To ignite (moetsuku), love at first sight (Hitomebore)

Q: THSK’s theme for 2008 is?
JS, YH, JJ: Cool and Wild

JJ: A mature THSK~

Q: Something you want to do?
JS: Compose a song that everyone will like

YH: Write songs

JJ: I want to collaborate with many artistes.

Q: It’s already your 3rd year in Japan, when do you will that time passes very quickly?
JS: When everyone accepts my jokes in Japanese

YH: The number of singles we’ve released so far

JJ: When I see the photos we took 2-3 years ago

Q: Something you want to do with fans?
JS: I want to go to the amusement park

YH: I want to pick one of our songs and sing that song with our fans

JJ: Bring them overseas

Q: Some prank the members played that became a legend is?
JS: The birthday party on December 2007 in Thailand. I was about to die…

YH: Junsu’s birthday

Q: Something you wish a member would stop doing, or a secret you want to reveal?
JS: Changmin looks very serious but in actual fact, he’s not like that

YH: Recently Jaejoong has been using his hand phone to take pictures of the members when they are sleeping or weird expressions of them. I wish he’d stop it. I don’t want pictures taken of me in weird poses

JJ: When Junsu is eating, food will always come out from his mouth. I wish he’d stop it

Q: A joke you like?
JS: Yakkun’s “It’s so disappointing’ and Kojima Yoshuo’s ‘Not that kind of relationship’

YH: “It’s so disappointing!’

JJ: ‘O-PA-PI’ (Ocean Pacific Peace. Another one of Kojima Yoshio’s jokes)
Translated by: Sparkskey
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Posted 3/21/08 , edited 3/21/08
hahaha..jae joong actually takes pics of ppl slpg. no wonder! yunho feels insecure! hahahaha! now ppl accepted junsu gags! ><
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