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Posted 3/21/08 , edited 3/21/08
This was last year but it was in the issue of Arena and this was focused on Jaejoong. I have a feeling the others will be translated as well if they weren't already. Anyways, enjoy this as well!

Summary: How Jaejoong views fans, his goals in life

Arena 37 July Special Edition- Jaejoong

[Understanding his voice’s unique quality naturally through songs]

Q: Since interview is about [Lovin’ You], naturally we’ll be asking many questions about ‘Love’, What does Jaejoong think is the most important factor when it comes to love?

JJ: Umm~ (thinks for a while) I think that keeping promises obviously is very important; and trusting each other is also very important. However, although these are important, it isn’t enough just having those things

Q: Actually, it’s meaningless if you can’t fulfill your promises right?

JJ: Yeah, it’s meaningless if you just make empty promises. Keeping your promises and believing in each other. That’s how love slowly forms

Q: That’s so deep~~ Will Jaejoong be able to do it?

JJ: I might not be able to fulfill all my promises, but I hope I can keep the promises I make… No, I WILL fulfill those promises

[Singing beyond one’s imagination, within the repeated and hesitant practices, he gave music a lot of love]

Q: I want to ask Jaejoong how he fills a song with love.

JJ: I have alwaus been battling with myself over this question. When it comes to music, I always think ‘I want to do this’, ‘I must do something like this’ but when I cannot reach that standard, I start feeling angry with myself. I keep thinking that I must do it and start pushing myself because of that. It’s because of these repeated thoughts, that’s why the love in the song gets stronger (after each recording).

Q: Have you always been feeling that way since you debuted?

JJ: This feeling started when I was a trainee, but it became stronger after we debuted. When I was a trainee, all I wanted to do was to become an artiste, but after I became I singer, I decided that it’s not acceptable if I don’t sing a song to perfection!

Q: Do you battle with yourself because of this desire to reach perfection?
JJ: Yeah. Of course, I cannot reach the absolute perfection, but I want to express my strength and charm to the fullest. I also think working hard to reach that goal (of perfection) is the most important

Q: If you work hard, do you mean personal practice?

JJ: Yeah, I can’t do vocalization practice very often because of our packed schedules. However when it comes singing, practicing our songs, writing songs, I’ll try my best to do those practices. But what’s most important now is vocalization practice, and since I can’t really practice that now, I think it’s a pity.

Q: Has Jaejoong’s attitude towards ‘singing’ changed?

JJ: Before I debuted, I didn’t understand my own voice, therefore, whenever I sang live, I’ll hover between a husky voice and a clear voice, it was very difficult to decide (which one to use). However, now, through practice, I have a better command of my tone color, and how to portray my voice when singing a particular song. I have also understood that singing like this will help me pour enough feeling into the song

Q: In order to understand your voice, you start looking for singing techniques; this must have taken a lot of time right?

JJ: Actually, I still can’t perform a song perfectly. However, after 1 and a half years, when I’m singing a Japanese song, I’ll suddenly realize ‘Ah~ This is the voice I should use!” After realizing that, I’ve been using the same type of voice to sing

Q: Jaejoong’s falsetto leaves a deep impression on us

JJ: Of course I can use other techniques as well. However, I’ll try my best to use my falsetto when singing. I think I can use my falsetto to express a gamut of feelings; therefore, I want to use it to increase my standard of singing. This may be a little more difficult but I’ll continue working hard.

Q: You want to continue increasing your falsetto standard, right?

JJ: Yeah, my voice is different when singing [Zion] and [Begin]. I don’t really use this technique when singing Korean songs. Therefore, after I started using the falsetto that I used in [Begin] , I realized ‘Ah~ This is the kind of falsetto’

Q: I see~ [Begin] was a beginning for you! But such a voice didn’t appear in [Lovin’ You]

JJ: Yeah. In terms of vocalization, [Begin]’s vocal range makes it easier to sing, but [Lovin’ You] is higher (in terms of range). (laughs) If you don’t sing with a strong voice, the voice that comes out will not have any strength. If you force the voice out, then it’ll strain your vocal cords. However, basically, using such a voice to sing will bring out the good points of the song. Therefore, even if it’s difficult, I still want to use this technique to sing.

Q: Jaejoong’s voice can sing out the story!

JJ: I really like a voice like this. Therefore, I must practice my vocalization techniques well so as to sing such a falsetto with ease

Q: There must be many fans that say ‘I really like this voice’!

JJ: That’s my nutrition!

Q: Nutrition?
JJ: Such opinions of the fans are my nutrition; they give me even more motivation when I’m practicing! When I hear fans saying ‘I like Jaejoong because I like his voice!’, it really encourages me

[Always loving the members- That’s one of my goals]

Q: So lastly, will Jaejoong introduce something that he thinks has ‘love’ in it

JJ: Something that has love… AH! There’s something, I have a something like a diary where I write stuff like my goals in life, this is very~~very~~important to me!

Q: Will you be able to reveal some of the contents in the diary?

JJ: There’s one part each for work and private life! (laughs) For the work part, I wrote ‘I’ll be working hard so that our new single will be #1!” For my private life, I wrote ‘Call mum and dad more often~~~~~’

Q: Did you really call them?
JJ: Yeah. In Korea, we have Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, as well as Parent’s Day. Parent’s Day was just yesterday, so I called home and talked to them for a long time.

Q: What did you talk about?

JJ: Normal things, like ‘Are you okay?’, ‘What have you been up to recently’, Things like that. It was a very blissful time

Q: I’m just asking this in passing, do you bring the diary everywhere you go?

JJ: Yeah, I bring it everywhere. And I read it often so as to not forget what I wrote. I also wrote some goals for THSK. “I’ll always love my members’ …………………….. This is something I’m unable to tell them directly!! (laughs)

Q: It sounds like an amazing goal!

JJ: It’s indeed a little difficult. (laughs) Although we have a good relationship amongst the members, but as humans, there’ll be times when we’ll think ‘this can’t do’ or times we fight. However, the members are still the most important people to me, so after I calm down, I’ll still continue loving them. Similarly, I can always feel the member’s love (for me)

Q: This might be the ultimate goal

JJ: Yeah. Although there are times when I’m angry, but I think everyone gets angry at some point in time. Whenever I feel lost, I’ll look at the book to get confirmation. ‘Love them!’ This is the most important~ (laughs)

Translated by: Sparkskey
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