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Posted 3/27/08

XXfeetmasterXX wrote:

hellow dear loves! its my summer vacation already!!and im like..bumming around (O.o) ...therefore...i need dramas to watch!!! JAPANESE DRAMAS!!! suggestions pleazzzzz i want good ones alrighty??? teehee:P please and thank you!! mwah mwah!

Here are a list of Jdoramas that I have enjoyed and recommend. If you are looking for---

Hana Kimi- I've seen this twice and it was as funny the second time round as the first... Odd and random but also sweet and cute, this drama will keep you laughing nonstop... It's about a girl who runs away from the US to Japan, dresses as a boy and enter's a boy's school to help an injured high jump star get back on the track. My top 7 fav asian drama.
Nobuta Wo Produce- About the most popular guy at school, Shuji teaming up with his arch enemy, the eccentric Akira, to make over the socially awkward Kotani Nobuko into a popular girl.
Kimi Wa Petto- About an ordinary office lady who finds a bloody young man in a cardboard box and nurses him back to health. When he wakes up, he pleads to her to let him stay and she agrees on one condition: he must be her human pet, Momo.
Hero- About an prosecutor obsessed with the home shopping channel and talks and dresses casually who arrives at a Tokyo branch and is deemed immature and ridiculous. However, he proves everyone wrong by his brilliant sleuthing methods and deductive thinking. Takuya Kimura and Matsu Takako are HILARIOUS in this.
Stand Up!!-- The Japanese version of American Pie, it's about a summer between four friends who are the last virgins in their school and a girl from their past who mysteriously returns--- except not as the beauty they remember. HILARIOUS with a star studded case.
Nodame Cantabile--- About a bitter conducting student who meets his nextdoor neighbour, Nodame, a talented pianist who only wants to be a kindergarten teacher, who teaches him to love and appreciate music again.
Water Boys--- A sort of epilogue to the movie with the same name, it's about a boy's synchro team which gets cancelled by the school and a group of the most unlikely boys trying to bring it back. First season is AMAZING, second is alright.
Sexy Voice and Robo- About a cowardly otaku and a middle school girl who team up to solve mysteries. Cute and funny.
Remote--- About a clueless traffic cop on the verge of marriage who gets transferred to be the eyes and ears of the mysterious, genius detective, Kozaburo Himuro, who has locked himself in his basement and won't come out.
Yukan Club--- About a a group of elite students who solve mysteries because... "Making the impossible possible is what the Yukan Club does."
One Pound Gospel--- About a "gutless glutton" boxer who falls in with a nun.
Lunch Queen--- About a woman who turns up at a family restaurant and pretends to be the missing, eldest son's fiancee and starts to work at the restaurant while making the rest of the sons fall in love with her. WARNING: this show will make you hungry for omurice.

Hana Yori Dango--- About a poor girl, Makino, who is bullied by the richest and most powerful boys at school, the F4, and declares war on them and fights for her freedom. On her way, she befriends one of the F4 members, Rui and falls in love with him while the leader of the F4, Domyouji, has fallen for Makino's fiery nature. My most fav asian drama.
Pride-- About the struggles of a man's hockey team and the contract relationship between Haru, the team captain, and Aki, a woman who has been waiting for her boyfriend to return to her for two years. Sounds not great, I know, but seriously sooo good. My top 5 fav asian drama.
Majo no Jouken--- About the relationship between a high school teacher on the verge of marriage and her new transfer student who teaches her how to live. A total heartrencher. My top 6 fav asian drama.
Long Vacation--- A few hours before her wedding, Minami storms into her future husband's apartment to find his clueless, younger roommate, Senna and a letter saying he's taken off with all of Minami's possessions. Minami decides to move into her ex fiancee's room and forms a close friendship with Senna--- which becomes love.
Taiyou No Uta-- About an aspiring singer who suffers from a disease which makes her ill when she goes out in UV rays and a boy who tries to help her reach her dream.
Orange Days--- About the relationship between a college student and a deaf violionist with an attitude problem.
Strawberry on the Shortcake--- Manato Irie, a boy who rather pretend than show his true self to the world, withdraws out of his shell when he meets the quirky Yui Misawa and falls in love with her. However, he soon finds out that she is his future step sister.
Tatta Hitotsu no Koi--- About the relationship between a poor boy and a rich girl. Kinda cliche but if you like Kame, you'll like this.
Aishiteiru to Ittekure--- About the relationship between an energetic, aspiring actress and a deaf painter.
Boku dake no Madonna---- Kyoichi Suzuki, an ordinary college student, finds a strange woman in his apartment and discovers she has climbed into his room every night to watch the apartment across the street which belongs to her ex boyfriend and his new fiancee. He allows her to continue and they form a friendship which later becomes love.

IWGP--- CRAZY GOOD. It's about a man named Makoto who lives in IWGP, which is a rough neighbourhood filled with gangs and crime. Basically, the show follows Makoto on his quest to find out who killed his ex girlfriend while helping out the residents of IWGP with their problems. Full of great fight scenes, twisted humour and cliffhangers---
Kurosagi--- About Kurosagi, a swindler who swindles other swindlers out of money they have swindled from innocent people and a law student who is Kurosagi's tenant whose beliefs in justice is being tested by Kurosagi's Robin Hood-esque acts.
A Million Stars Falling from the Sky--- About a murder staged as a suicide, Ryo, a sous chef with the ability to manipulate women and has a photographic memory, a police officer who knows Ryo is behind the murder but can't prove it, and his younger sister who forms a close relationship with Ryo. Disturbing, depressing, and full of plot twists that will keep you guessing until the end.
1 Litre of Tears--- About a fifteen year old girl who suffers from a disease which will slowly deteriorate her body and kill her. Sad and moving, it's a drama which will make you rethink your life.
Crying out Love in the Centre of the World--- About a boy whose first love is fighting for her life against leukemia. Beautiful and touching but not for people who can't stand slow dramas.
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Posted 3/28/08

feisu1021 wrote:

nodame cantabile live action
hana kimi [JP, of course.. hihi =)]
proposal daisakusen
mo hitotsu no sugar & spice
pink no idenshi
nobuta wo produce

All of these dramas are good..^_^.. If you want try also yukan club,life(about bullying...),kurosagi,one litre of tears,14 sai no haha(14 year old mother) and taiyou no uta..I don't know if you'll like it..
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Posted 3/28/08
taiyou no uta
Posted 7/16/09
Recommend/tell Your Favorite Asian Drama/Movie

My suggestion is...please use that thread
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Posted 7/16/09
Mei Chan no Shitsuji
Posted 7/16/09
Hana Kimi
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