Need help, dialects?
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Posted 9/10/07
Hey! I need some help with my homework. We just finsihed watching the movie finding nemo, and the task is to tell apart diffrent characters dialect and accents... and give examples.
Im bad at this stuff but it's the following chracters:
The sharks:
The turtles:
The dentist:
the pelican:
I have some problems with the sharks, are they austrailian or scottish? 'cause they used words like "mate" and "ay"... but they also used the word shiela, the austrailian word for girl. Can someone please help mee...
Heres a link with the voices:
Posted 9/10/07
Please use this thread for asking for homework help;

I might be able to help you if you go there.
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Posted 9/10/07
^ Thanks henz.

Bruce has a heavy Aussie accent... no way is that near Scottish.

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