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Did you guys notice? Toma is always wearing the same necklace even in doramas or on photos in magazines. I think it's a ring and something long here are some pics:

Do you think it's kind a talisman? Or maybe he got it from a important person?
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Posted 3/21/08 , edited 3/21/08
LOL I know this! I've actually only recently found out about it. Toma and Yamapi share the same ring/necklace. Although you don't always see Pi wearing it as much as Toma... but I've seen him wearing it in old videos with 4tops and a couple of recent interviews/photos ... TOMAPI saikou!

As for the necklace in the last photo, I dunno... maybe it's just one of his favorite necklaces? :sweatingbullets:

Ahaha I'm cross-posting this to another Toma group...
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whaha and i'm answering it double, you know much! So toma n Pi are really good friends..
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they really are best of friends.
Yamapi still wear his necklace but he hides it away in his shirt.
he's very secretive.

he doesnt like sharing toma XD

as for toma, he's straight forward and everyone in JE, and i mean EVERYONE
in JE loves him.
I remember Kame buying Toma a really expensive necklace.
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that's so sweet.. *heart melts*

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