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what Yamagi light purposely made to be said backwards as i am a gay light or not?
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Posted 8/15/08 , edited 8/16/08

Loveless-kun wrote:

It's just a Japanese name. We are the ones who are turning it into "Imagay".
Alot of people are looking into this way too much....

crispyC718 wrote:

You spelled it wrongly,
It's not even i am a gay
It is im a gay
there is no "a" between the "m" and "i"

Not if you turn it into a contraction.... All you have to do is put a apostrophe in between the I and the m.
"I'm a gay"

yep..u're rite, though i suppose that's wat i was trying 2 say ^^ but it is pretty fun to see wat da name means backwards ^^ no one really said his name is I'm a don't be angry
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