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Alastor - Lightning elemental Sirberius's target

Marcosius (called Marco) - God (Mewt's Target)

Sakai - True Vampire (blacksheep12's bitch)

Fallan (Girl) - Elite Witch/Fallen Angel Hybrid (Dethreaper's Victim)

Natsume (Girl) - Water/Ice Queen (target of Sirberius)

Isthil (Girl) - Shinigami(Mewts

Tobiya (Girl) - Demon (target of dethreaper)

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Sirberius (Vampire/Dragon Hybrid), being hunted by Natsume - Water/Ice Queen.

I look down into the little boy’s eyes. They are full of fear and tears. He was shaking on the ground right now next his dead father. The mother was backed against the wall trying to wave her son over to her. But he was frozen in terror by just the gaze of my malicious red eyes. I extended my long black claws and wrapped them around his frail body.
The boy started to scream and pound on my hand. It didn’t hurt and I started to find it really annoying.
“Please don’t hurt my baby. I promise you, we won’t do it again. Just let him go please,” cried out the mother.
I looked over to her; my facial expression as plain as ever. She was crying so hard it looked like she couldn’t breathe. But I didn’t care whether she lived or died. I was here for the boy. I turned my gazed back to him.
“Please let me go. I didn’t mean to do it, I swear. It will never happen again. Please spare me.”
“No. I am what toll taker for your freedom,” I say in a demonic voice. “And for what you have done, your toll to be let go and forgiven is death.”
I take my left and extend my finger. Then I jabbed it through chest. The boy yelled out in agony. I laid him on the ground and picked up my sword. He couldn’t move because I had gone all the way through his spinal cord.
“May you have mercy in the afterlife.”
I brought it down and pierced his heart. Raising it up, I saw his body was still dangling on the sword. His looked was spaced and blood was gushing off of my sword onto the floor. I pulled him through the blade’s edge and tossed him to the wall. The mother crawled over to him and put her hand to his bloody face. She started trembling while putting her head to his. Then she let out a loud scream.
I raised my head from the bar counter to find my face sweaty. I wiped it away and took a sip from the drink in front of you.
“That dream again,” came Zane’s voice from within my mind.
“Yeah. I’ve been having it ever since we ran Toltayose.”
“Don’t worry man. You have nothing to regret or feel bad about. The Demon Lord had us under his spell. But we got rid of our sins through redemption.”
“I know, but I still remember everything. That’s enough to make me feel like this.”
“Hey there stranger,” a lady said from behind me.
A lovely girl with purple hair was looking at me with a smile. She looked like she could be about my age (17). She had on a sleeveless blue shirt, a black skirt, and some black dancing like shoes. She had radiant light blue eyes and was light skinned.
I instantly smiled back, “Hello. And just who might you be?”
“My name is Shino. And how about you?”
“Sirberius, pleasure to meet you.”
“Sirberius… You mean ‘The Sirberius’? The one that organized the Mystic Council?”
“Yep that would be me.”

“Wow nice way to keep a low profile,” Zane sneered.

“So what brings you out here,” she asked as she sat down next to me.
“I just taking a break from the Council for a bit. Get some fresh air and see the land that I’m protecting.”
“Good for you. I believe every great leader needs a little time to just chill and relax.”
She looked at me and I kinda side glanced her. Her cheeks turned a light red.

“Hey Sirberius, it looks like you got an admirer on your hands. Treat her gently, you wouldn’t want to break her heart, hahahaha,” Zane said sarcastically.
“Oh will you shut up.”

I turned her whole body around to face me and looked down a bit, “I am getting kinda tired and I wanna go home. But it’s really dark and lately there is this guy that keeps following around, so I’m really scared to go by myself. And I was wondering if you could walk me home?”
She threw on a puppy dog look that was almost irresistible. But I couldn’t do it; what is the Fallen Order were to attack. She would get caught up in the action.
“Hey Sirberius you ready? Oh who is this lovely lady”
I snapped out of my deep thought and turned my head around to see Zane standing next to me.
“My name is Shino.”
“What a lovely name. Mine is Zane. I’m Sirberius’s brother, I was about to take him out for a night of partying,” he says grinning at me. “But it looks like he has made plans with you.”
“No it’s not like that,” I say calmly, sensing what he was doing. “I was just going to walk her home.
“Oh well I don’t want to bother you,” Shino says shaking her head.
“It’s no problem at all. I see you at the place when you get done Sirberius.”
Then he walked out the door. Shino took me by the hand.
“Shall we go?”
I stood up and we walked out the door too. It was a nice night. The moon was simply radiant. Its glow was magnificent, and the starry sky was beautiful. Along the walk, Shino leaned her body against my side and put her head on my shoulder. I just kinda tolerated it and kept walking.
That’s when I heard a growling noise. I looked around to see if I could find its source, but turned up empty handed. I put my Ka’dai at full blast to let them know what kinda of power they’re dealing with. Then a large plant creature streaked out of the alley next to use. I picked Shino up and jumped out of the way. I put her down on the sidewalk, snapped my finger, and my sword erupted from fire into my hand.
“Stay there, I’ll handle this.”
I dashed at it with me sword raised. It came at me, but it was too slow to pose any threat to me. I slash through it’s mid-section and it fell to the ground. Then it just disappeared under a cover of acid looking liquid.
“Well that was easy,” I said turning.
Then two other creatures lunged at me from Shino’s back. I had no time to react because they where so close. They were going to hit me.
“Pathetic creature.”
Four ice shards flew into the back and the plant creature fell to the ground.
Shino’s hands were extended and she had a serious look on her face.
“You did that. With that kinda of firepower you really shouldn’t be so scared to walk home.”
Two more shards flew past my side just grazing my shoulders.
“What the hell was that for?”
She just chuckled and smiled, “You really are naive to be the Grand Mystic Sirberius. I thought you’d catch on a bit faster.”
I started to sense her Ka’dai signature and it was really large. How did I not notice it?
“Who are you really? You must be one of the Fallen Order.”
“Yeah that’s right. My real name is Natsume, The Ice Queen.”
“So you are here to kill me then?”
“Yeah, but there is a way for you to save yourself.”
“And how is that,” I asked raising my eyebrow.
“You could become mine. Just become my lover and I’ll spare you. I could even convince Okuram to not kill you.”
I started to scratch my head, “Sorry I’m going to have to decline your offer. I could never love someone that kills because they were told to.”
“But you used to do the same. Am I wrong?”
“True but that was in the past. Plus I am kinda engaged already.”
I broke the seal on my stomach. Then my Demi form started taking over my body. My horns grew out of my head, my hand change into black dragon claws along with my feet. My tailbone grew out to become my black dragon tail, and finally my dragon eyes change the world around me.
“Now let’s go. And don’t think that I’m going to hold back because you’re a girl.”
“To bad really. It’s your loss. I guess I have no choice but to end your life.”
She came at me with some impressive speed. With her hands extended, ice shards came flying at me in large numbers. I jumped into the air and flew around to dodge them. Turning my head towards her and breathing in a deep breathe; I blew dragon fire at her. She retaliated with a giant wall of ice. My fire didn’t even break through or melt it.
“Your flames are no where near hot enough to melt this ice. Just face it; you can’t win.”
A barrage of ice shards flew out of the wall. I dodged as many as I could. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to keep up with the speed of the ice. They started piercing my wings and scraping my sides. Then one of them pierced my dragon scale skin and went halfway into my chest. I fell to the ground on my back.
“I can’t die here. I won’t die. I’ll kill her if it takes me all week.”
“You are finished. And here I thought you were more powerful than that. I guess you can’t match the power of a Visorese (Captain).”
“You’re wrong,” I say. My voice starts to deepen. “I will destroy you.”
My last three seals broke and my first seal (my body seal) started to show itself. It started to spread out and turn black.
“No I won’t go back. I can’t let it happen.”
I was beginning to be overwhelmed with a murderous feeling. I clutched my fists, and started to struggle with moving my arms. Ice shards started flying at me, but they were crushed under the power of my Ka’dai. I started to stand up, still clutching my fist.
“Let me show you something no one has ever seen. And I do mean no one,” I say raising my head. My hair was now longer and covered my left eye. “Let me show you my True form. Not as a Hybrid, but has my dominant side. My Vampire side.”
My hand changed back to being a human one, but my nails stayed long and sharp. My hair grew down to my back, and the night became a bright wonderland. Finally. Black bat wings replaced my dragon ones. I smile a very devilish smile and chuckled a bit. I loved the feeling I get when I go back to this form. It is by far one of my strongest, but also a very dangerous to me.
“I haven’t fed in a long time so I’m a lot weaker than I would usually be. But I figure that this will be more than enough. No come to your death.”
She started shooting ice at me and I swatted them away. To my vampire eyes they moved slower than a turtle with a broken leg. My hand was a blur in my face, yet I could see them clearly and predict where I should move it to avoid being cut.
“I’ll get you. You just wait and see. I’ll kill you,” Shino yelled out.
She put her hands together and moved them apart. A long, massive ice shards formed and she took it in hand.
“Now die!!!!”
She launched it at me. The ice shard started spiraling, increasing it’s speed and power.
“Ha… weakling.”
I stuck out my hand and caught the shard at the very tip with only my two first fingers and my thumb. I grabbed the whole thing and then crushed it between my fingers.
“You are truly weak. Demise Claw.”
Fire incased my right hand and formed around my claw. I charged at her and she tried to run. I caught up to her and jabbed my fire cover claw straight through her stomach. Her flesh just seemed to melt before my hand touched it. She yelled out in pain and looked my in the eyes.
“You really are attractive. I just wish you could have been mine.”
“I know you do. If you want to be useful, just die for me without any resistance.”
She tilted her head then moved her hair. I could see her veins bulging out with the sweet nectar that lay inside. I bared my fangs and bit into them, sucking out all of the blood that I could until she was as dry as the desert. I dropped her to the ground and started to walk off.
Suddenly my seal started messing up and then it broke.
My seal started to form around my body and my Ka’dai level escalated. I feel to my knees and clutched my chest.
“Pathetic brother. You are truly pathetic. You can’t even handle the power that was bestowed upon you. You can’t even possibly hope to destroy me.”
I looked up to see Okuram floating in the air.
“You,” I say with a bloody intent. “I kill you if it’s the last thing I do in my life.”
My seal spread out more quickly and I was lifted into the air. The seal turned black and moved around my body but didn’t touch it. It shaped around my head and two long black horns curved out from the side of it and went around the back of my head. Arms formed around mine and a spike came out of both my elbows. Finally it went down around my legs and formed two more spikes out of my knees. The seal turned black and became hard. I stood up and stared at him. The white of my eyes were now black and my eyes glowed a murderous bright red (this I knew for sure).
“I’ll end your life, even if that means I have to use my forbidden power to do it.”
I extended my hand out and my sword came to me. My demon form was now complete. And my murderous feelings were uncontrollable, yet I felt happy to be feeling it once again as I charged at Okuram. With the image of his dead, bloody corpse in my mind…

My Vampire Form


My Demon Form

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Dethreaper666 (dante) vs Tobiya (demon)

"MOTHER!!!" A young Dante yells as I run towards a figure constantly moving back into shadows, to quickly not even I can catch up. As I get closer the figure starts to change, starts to mutate into something undistinguishable, into ... a monster.
"Mother?!? what is happining mother, why wont you answer me?" I scream but still no response, the figure now completley deformed into what looks to be half a body in a large glass cylinder supported by tubes and some form of head gear with coords attached to it.
"This is not possible how am i seeing this?" I ask myself.
"How is the test going?" A man yells to a scientist, this man, no this creature was a shinigami. This was the same man who i fought and killed just a moment ago, but how is he still alive now? What is happining to me, have i gone insane?
"She might not survive anymore test Sir" the scientist replies.
"Ok then give it a little bit, lets check on the "kid" and make sure he isnt dead" The shinigami lets out a little chuckle and turns and walks out of the room.

The room starts to spin and before i know it I am in another room, but this time it is not my mother attached to the device, but instead a child of only a couple years old.
"How are the tests going? Have we successfully infused the blood?" The same shinigami as before asks.
"His body is racting strangely, he is pulsating with the power of both races, he is surviving very well though." A scientist tells the shinigami.
"Good then we can infuse him with the other substances now, begin with the infusion of a lesser demon, we need to make sure this vessel will hold." The shinigami replies with a grin.
"initiating infusion process, in three ... two ... one ... begin" The scientist countsdown as a needle inserts into the childs body. The child doesn't move, as if it was use to the treatments.

"Wait a minute that is me, that scar on my chest, it is from the tests?!?" I realized, "That means, i was infused with demonic energy? I was a vessel? none of this makes any sense." At that moment my vision faded out and i awoke on a plain with the bodies of Fallen Order Members around me.
"was i that worn out? and what exactly did i see in that dream, was any of it real?" I asked myself "there is only one way to find out, and the blood of those who put me through this is the only way to find the answer." My wings emerge and I fly into the distance.

I fly to the site where i took on Leviat, I survey the landscape and notice a broken down building. I walked into the building and saw that this was no ordinary building. There were machines all over the walls and tubes, some filled with a green liquid, others broken and cracked. It seemed this place had been abandoned long ago. I noticed stairs leading into what i thought was a basement, i decided to check it out, due to some kind of attraction to the place. As i entered into the "basement" i turned on a light and the entire place was filled with cages, most empty but some had dead creatures left in them. These creatures were mutated and mishapen ... it is probably a good thing they are dead, they are abominations on society. I heard a noise comming from the other end of the basement, I with draw my sword and turn the corner to face this sound.

As i turn the corner some dog like creatre jumps at me teeth showing and growling, but instead of being some normal dog it was pitch black, and no details were noticable besides the teeth and glowing red eyes. I cut the dog in half with my katanas, but the dog just reforms back into a dog again. The thing attacks again but this time i was ready and i pin the dog to the ground with my sword and chant my spell, the darkness flames engulf he creature and absorb him into my soul.
"Vile creature, what is this place, what happened here. Why does it seem so familiar?" I ask myself out loud
"Draethius? Is that you, I can tell that sent from anywhere." Comes the voice of a lady, she walks out from the shadows seemingly materializing from the very darkness.
"Who are you? And who is this Draethius? Tell me what is this place or you shall perish back into the abyss from which you came." I say angrilly
"My love, you dont stand a chance against me in this stage you are in, even with Draethius inside you." She replys as shadows begin to swirl around her "You have come to close, now I will extract Draethius from you and kill you off."
"If i had a nickle for everytime someone said they would kill me, i would be a very rich man" I smirk as i grip my duel katanas "shall we begin this, i dont like to hit girls but for a thing like you i dont think it counts"
"Good because i dont want you to have an excuse when i rip your spine from your back" She replys.

We attack each other and i slice her with my swords, but like the dog before she just forms back together like nothing happened.
"What are you?" i ask
"Cant you tell your own kin?" She asked
"You are no vampire or shinigami, dont play with me." I yell
"Ha you dont even know your own past do you Dante?" She replied laughing.
"Shut your face you demonic whore" I yell as i dash at her with blinding speed.

She easily dodges my attack as if she was toying with me. I begin my transformation into my oversoul blood lust form "you cant stop me in this form, you will regret bringing up my past." I transform and begin to chant my darkness flame spell.
"You really dont have any clue to the power held inside of your body do you? You truely are not worthy to be our masters vessel." She replies
"Who is this master you speak of? And what do you mean vessel, what is inside of me?" I ask
"I will push you to the point of death and expose your inner demons." She says as she melds into the shadows. At that moment a figure steps out of the shadows in the same form as myself ... a clone made of shadows. I finish my chant.

"Darkness flame heed my call, allow the power to flow through my body and soul, give me the power to destroy this foe." I chant as the flame engulfs my fist. I launch at the clone hitting him dead on with a punch to the face, the clone goes flying wrapped in flames. The clone disapears, "you will have to do better then that to take me down." I yell

At that moment the lights went out and i was in complete darkness, ny vampire vision kicks in and i am able to see again. "That wont help you, I am part vampire remember."
"I wasnt trying to blind you stupid" she replies as she comes out of the ground below me and stricks my jaw, the disapears into the roof "so you can use shadows to move about. Intresting."

I grab my scythe from my back, as i notice a group of about five clones also spawning from all around me. I hack away at one of them but the clone explodes as my scythe cuts through ending me flying into the wall. The other four clones then jump at me and explode all at once. I collapse from the pain, I struggle to get to my feet as more clones spawn "Well that is different" I say as i tap into the soul of the necromancer to summon my own demons to handle the clones. The whole time i am trying to sense her movements around the room, she launches at me from different angles hitting me with blinding speed.

"OK so you are fast ill give you that, but can you handle this. INFERNAL WAVE" I yell as the black flames swirl faster around me, the flames then shoot out in all directions hitting everything around me enemy and minion alike. My power almost gone i kneel to one knee.
"You think that would hurt me?" She replys walking out of the shadows "You know Draethius wouldnt die so easily" she says mockingly as she kicks me in the chest and i fall back. I will finish you off and set him free.

At that moment something inside me triggered and my boddy glowed with a mix of crimson and the darkness flame swirling around me, my eyes glowed red and my body lifed itself and a demonic voice replied to her "YOU WILL STOP THIS NOW TOBIYA"
"This is a trick i know it, you cant fool me" she says with a somewhat scared tone.
"wait im sorry ill do what ever you need" she falls to her knees

My body moves up to her and in a single strike thrusts my hand into her throat ripping out her esophagus and juggular artery. Then the flames transfer to her body and retract back into my own. The power releases and i fall to the ground, the last thing i see is a portal open up in the room, and a man on a horse walks out ... he wears black armour and has black angel wings, his skin pale white and eyes as red as blood. The horse pale and decrepit also. The horse trots to my body, i cant move. As the horseman dismounts my body blacks out and everything goes black.

me as Draethius takes over

me after fight (thanks MewmTT)

The horsemen
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Dethreaper (Dante) V.S Fallan (Elite Witch/Fallen Angel Hybrid)

The darkness begins to fade and my eye's slowly open, my sight is fuzzy but i can make out a figure standing in front of me. I struggle to move but my body is still weak from the fight before, but i notice it is not just that I am tired but i am also chained to a wall. This normally wouldnt be a problem, but im way to weak to break even the weakest chains. I begin to hear the voice of the figure, it is that of a young woman, maybe a little younger then myself.

"He is cute, are you sure we have to kill him? Cant I have him as a slave or something? It would be a waste to let him die." She says
"No his body must be destroyed when the key to the seals are ready, this is the only way for our master to escape his vessel." A darker more sinister voice replied
"Aw fine i guess ill kill him, he doesnt look like a threat right now anyway. His body is so weak i cant even sense his life energy anymore, it is like he isnt even alive." She says almost sounding shocked.
"That is because he is not mortal, he is a hybrid mix of Vampire, with the added essence of a death god, it makes him a very strong aponent with almost limitless potential, with the addition of our master inside of him only Myself or the other three horsemen could take him. Yet he when our master protected him from death, he consumed a great amount of energy, I am honestly amazed that he is concious as we speak." The Sinister voice replys.

I realized that the other voice was not the thing on the horse that appeared before me, the last thing i saw when i blacked out. I fully opened my eyes and I saw the women but I did not see the other thing, it was like he wasnt even there. I looked around at my surroundings and noticed i was in a circular room surrounded by reflective mirrors. The woman was beautiful yet had a dark aura surrounding her.

"Aw look at the confused little wanna be hybrid. You are a disgrace, your not even good enough to be a true hybrid. HEY SIRE MAY I PLAY WITH HIM PLEASE?" She yelled to the voice.
"Do what you please but i am not responsible for the outcome, if you can kill him so that we can prepair his corpse for the ceramony. I am going to take my leave now ... dont mess up the place please, or i will kill you." The voice replies calmly.
"Yeah yeah i know, i know"

The chains suddenly break and i collapse to the ground, I feel a sudden shock on my back as if the very flesh was being burned away. In pain i look up and notice she has started sending a lighting blast at my back channeling the stream of lightning. I try to get to get to my feet but my legs refuse to cooperate with my mind and i just fall back down. As I try to crawl my way to the side of the room to prop myself up i notice that underneath me the metal floor begain to glow a bright orange, and my hands and knees started to burn with intensity undescribable. I roll to the side off of the targeted ground. I was next to the wall so i proped myself up, I only had one choice.

"Oversoul form" I say my body is surrounded by black fire and I appear with my scythe and my black wings out. I am still to weak to do anything so i decided to use the ability i thought that I wouldnt need.
"Soul Absorbtion," I say as the flames spiral faster and recide into my body reenergizing me with the souls of those i have absorbed. I feel the power flowing through me once again.
"Are you done yet?" She says calmly watching me, but i noticed a ball of energy in her hand.
"Catch big boy." She says as she throws a ball of Dark energy towards me. Instantly my wings go in front of me but the ball phases through them and hits my body witht the force of a train. I crash into the wall leaving a nice crater where i hit.
"That was a Dark Energy Blast hunny, you cant block it, it will phase through anything that trys to get between it and its destination." She says laughing.

She forms a spear out of ice and hurls iIt at me pinning me to the wall through my chest. I release a yelp in anguish as the spear thrusted through my chest. The spear melted away, but at that time i noticed that there was no hole where the spear hit. She was torturing me, but why, why doesnt she just get this over with?

"Kill me, I can not fight in this condition, I am no match for you in this state. Go ahead take an easy kill, take satisfaction in killing someone who is powerless, it is like killing a baby in its sleep. Does this entertain you? Do you get off from this? Then let me show you something you will really enjoy." I say to her. My wings recide back into my body and I begin to go into my bloodlust state, i only have a little bit of strength left from the souls i absorbed in my previous endeavours. My skin turns as hard as diamonds, and spikes begin to emerge from by body and instead of the feathered wings, large bat wings come out instead.

"You ask and you shall receive, you wanted to "play" then play time starts now and you are now the toy, prepair to die." I say as i fly at her with increadible speed. I throw a punch at her and hit her dead on, but I phase right through her, and fall to the ground on the other side. "What was that, how come every fight i am in someone cant be hit." I say angrily
"Oh no hun, it isnt that you cant hit me, it is that you havent hit thge right me." The figure i hit disapears and out of nowhere five more apear. Each one representing an element. The ground below me starts to turn orange, I fly upward to avoid it, but to my surprise the ground erupts and a pillar of flame fires up and hits me dead on. I fall out of the sky and when i hit the ground two giant waves of sand and rock come up from my sides and pin me to the ground. The ground once again begins to burn but not erupting this time. Then I look up and there are about twenty ice swords with the blades facng towards me, the swords fall downward stabing me repeatedly. I scream out in agony as the pain is almost unbareable, at this time I am also being hit repeatedly by Lighting bolts, and shadow balls with the impact of a train each hit. I suddenly hear a voice in my head.

"Listen to me Dante, your power is to great to be wasted on a pathetic fool like her, she is nothing compared to you. Let me help you, we can join together and we wont be able to be stoped, you and I seperate are two great forces, if we combined then we would be unstopable." The voice is obviously Draethius.
"No I will not give in to your influence, you are but a demon traped inside of me, I will banish you to the realm you came when I am done with this." I replied with my thoughts.

I am screaming in pain as the torture continues, this woman repeatidly tearing away at my life, slowly and very painfully.

"Just say the word, and I will save you, I will come out weither you die or live, the choice is yours to make, join me and we will rule this world." Draethius says again.
"How do I know I can trust you, you after all, are a demon hell bent on self satisfaction. How do I know you wont kill me right after you are free?" I ask

"how do you feel now? Is it to much for you, I will tear away at your soul slowly until there is nothing but an empty carcase left of you. " The woman laughs, still punishing me with the attacks.

"We would become one, our power would drastically increase, each of us with an equal part, fused." He replies
"I dont know, I still think that I cant trust you." I say back
"I will show you, and I hope this wil prove what I have been telling you, I will lend you only but a fraction of my power for now, you will get the rest of you decide to help me, no the both of us out.

A crimson Flame engulfs my body, and releases with a force never before seen by me. The force throws off all the attacks being thrown at me by the multitude of enemies. I was surprised at how powerful I was, I was completely resoted to full power, and beyond that by alot. One of the women yells "what was that, is this your true power, no matter I can still destroy you." She flys at me at a high velocity, but to me it was like she was in slow motion. I appeared next to her and with a single punch to the stomach blew a hole in her. She fell to the floor and turned into a pile of sand.

"So who is next." I say mockingly.
I appear next to the woman who was shooting the Ice swords into me and I grabbed her by the neck and ripped off her head as if i were ripping a stick of butter in half. Instead of blood water came flowing out. I moved so fast it seemed i was teleporting, I dashed to the next woman, the one who was channeling lighting onto me. With a single punch to the face she exploded with lighting bolts dashing in every direction, one hit me but it was like a gentle breeze. When I got to the next woman I kicked her in the side and she was engulfed in flames, the last woman tried to blend with the shadows. I reached my hands into the void and when I pulled my hands out I was holding the head of the last woman and the shadow consumed itself and the head just disapeared.

"Aw was that all you had?" I laughed
"what ... what are you. There is no way you should have this much power, unless." the womans voice came from behind one of the ref;ective glass windows.
"Thats right I was given some power by your beloved master" I replied as I jumped at the glass and with just my presence the glass shattered. I hovered into the room where the woman was. She tried to flee but I appeared in front of her, and grabbed her by the neck.
"Next time, dont run your mouth so much." I said as i squeezed her thoat and the blood erupted from her neck and covered my face. I let her go and she droped to the floor.

"Very nice, very nice indeed. But I still dont know, give me some time to weight my decisions, I have but another objective at hand." I said as I begain to walk to a hallway in the building, but as i approached a portal appeared in front of it and the horseman I saw befor walked out on his horse.
"You shall not go any further, I will kill you if I must, I will not let his power be released into this world, you need to die." This was not the sinister voice i heared before, who is this guy I thought.

The End (to be continued)
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I didnt write this again ... it is directly from Sirberius

Sirberius (Vampire/Dragon Hybrid), Fights Okuram and kills Alastar.

I look up at Okuram, “I will have you submit to me. You will return to your place.”
“Ha as if,” he retorts. “The only way that is going to happen is if you kill me.”
“Then I guess that’s what I’m going to have to do huh, brother?”
I sink my sword into the ground and open my black claws. I could feel the tremendous De’Kaju (Demonic energy) flowing through my body. I kinda missed the feeling, but I knew I couldn’t stay this way.
“I’m only at about 33% of my full power. Why did Zane have to go? And then Okuram is going against me,” I say still watching Okuram. “He’s been different ever since we left the Demon Lord’s services. I bet he did something to him. But first I must stop Okuram and get him back to where he is supposed to be.”
I jumped into the air and hovered in front of Okuram.
“Why don’t you change? You are the one that has the real Vampire form. Your pure blooded form should be enough to put up a decent fight. Seeing how I’m just a Hybrid.. A pure blood should be strong enough to kill a Hybrid. So come at me with your full power. I want to test this theory.”
“As you wish brother. If you really want to die that fast.”
His hair starts to grow longer like mine. It got down to his back and stopped. Fire wrapped itself around him and closed around his body. Then it dispersed and Okuram was left in his Pure Blooded Vampire form. He had a long red cape around his neck that draped past his feet, a black shirt, long black pants, and black boots. His skin was pale, and eyes were blood shot red. Okuram’s fingernails were long black claws, his fangs stuck over his lip just a bit, and he had two dual broadswords in each hand.
“That’s what I’m talking about.. Let’s go full force. No regrets.”
“You know that I hate to fight myself. But since this is you brother, I will do it.”
I squeezed my fists and the spikes on my elbows retracted through my arm. They come back out from my wrist and came over the back of my hand. The spikes were sharp enough to cut through titanium and think enough to take any blow thrown. They were the perfect weapons for defense and offense.
Okuram came at me with an impressive pace. He swung both of them down and I blocked them with one spike. He then switched his weight, did an aerial like flip and kicked me on the top of my head. I streaked through the air, but regained control of my balance. I sensed Okuram’s presence moving about behind me and blocked a lethal blow from behind with my left arm’s spikes.
I shot off a large burst of energy through my whole body, which allowed me to move a bit faster than the speed of light, but I had no time to think. I spun behind Okuram and charged a bit more energy into my right foot. Suddenly everything started moving normally and Okuram was left looking for me. He quickly turned around and saw my kick heading for his stomach.
He caught it just in time, but not without taking some damage.
“I see. So you charged your kick with a bit of De’Kaju and had it penetrate my body to attack my internally. I see you’re still the strategic person you always were. But without Zane, you lack the aggressiveness that is needed for this battle.”
“Then maybe I should add my aggressiveness into the mix,” came Zane’s voice.
I turned my head to the right to see a streak off fire fly past my face and ram right into Okuram. Okuram was sent flying away and Zane floated where he used to be.
He turned to me and looked shocked, “I see you’ve finally used the demonic power.”
“Actually it used itself. The seal just broke I was transformed.”
“You used your True vampire form didn’t you?”
I scratched my head and laughed nervously, “yea I kinda did. But I only did it to stop from transforming. It turned out that Shino was actually Natsume from the Fallen Order.”
“Oh that’s a bummer. She seemed like she would have been a good girl for you.”
I looked at him with anger in my eyes, “You know that I am already with someone.”
“Oh yea,” he says chuckling. “I forgot about that. My bad.”
“I hope you are done with this little moment of togetherness. Because now it is time to end it..”
“Yeah,” Zane snaps. “It is about time we ended your little reign of terror.”
Okuram laughed out loud, “You can’t stop me. Not until my master’s plans are completed.”
“Your master,” I say puzzled.
“Draethius, The Demon Lord,” Okuram says with a smile.
“What? You mean that you are still working for the Demon Lord? Would does that asshole have in planned now?”
“He didn’t like how you tricked him about saving Zane. He found out about your ability. Your special power if you will. He plans to exact his revenge by finding a soul that seeks your downfall too. And so far, there is only one other person that wants to defeat you in combat. I’m sure you know who that is”
I had to think for a minute, then it hit me, “Dante, The Seven Seat Mystic!”
“Yes that’s right. The Demon Lord plans on using his body as a store house for Demonic energy of all the enemies that he has defeated thus far. I’m sure you know what will happen if he is taken over by that much Demonic De’Kaju.”
“He’ll become the manifestation of pure evil,” Zane says under his breath. “And that much manifested De’Kaju would kill him. Making him the perfect sacrifice of energy to summon The Demon Lord here to ou plane.”
“Yes,” Okuram said smiling sinisterly. “And I have sent one of my elite soldiers to fetch him and take him back to our headquarters. But you shall not make it there. You will die here. Now Alastor, come to me and erase these bothersome pests once and for all!”
A bolt of lightning streaked from the sky and hit the ground. It stopped and a teenage boy was left there. He Purplish hair and was wearing a black samurai robe. He raised his head and smiled.
“I shall handle it for you.”
“Just remember to bring their bodies back with you. We need them for the Demon Lord.”
“Yes Sire.”
Alastor turned into a current of electricity and shot up at me. I put both of my spikes in front of me to block. He hit me and a charge of electricity zipped through the nerves in my arms. I recoil in pain while Alastor forms his body in front of me.
“So sorry I can’t stay here to watch you die. But I have to make sure all the preparations are in order. But I’ll make sure to visit your deathbed.”
Then he disappeared.
“Should I go after him,” Zane asked looking at me.
I stared fiercely at Alastor. No, we need to stay together. I don’t think that I can take this guy just by myself. And even though you and Okuram are both pureblooded creatures, I doubt you have the strategically equipped mind to outwit him.”
“True, you got me there. So let’s finish off the world’s biggest light bulb and catch up to him.”
Zane covered his body in fire and emerged in his Dragon form. His crimson red scales glowed radiantly and he bared his sharp teeth behind his whisker-covered mouth. I flew toward Alastor. He swung a punch at me that emitted another electric current around his hand. I ducked and jumped up to drive the spike in my right knee into his stomach.
“Move out the way,” yelled Zane.
I take my spike out of him and drop to the ground. Zane streaks through the air and wraps his long body around Alastor. Alastor starts shooting off electricity all around but it seemed to have to effect on Zane.
“Sorry my shocking little friend, but my scales are capable of absorbing electrical energy.”
He takes in a deep breath and torches Alastor with dragon fire. The body falls to the ground lifeless. I walk over to the body and point my hand towards it.
“Demonic Soul Stealer.”
My hand started to emit a blue aura, then a white aura started showing around its body. The white aura flowed from his body and into my hand. When it was gone, the body turned to ashes.
“We are going to need all the power we can to stand up to Okuram.”
Zane flew next to me and turned back to his human form, “Ok then let’s go.”
He converged his presence back with mine and I was about to take off to the skies when a hooded figure appeared on a decrepit horse in front of us.
“Sirberius and Zane Hediyoshi,” it said in a gauntly tone. “I have come for your heads.”
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Sirberius's pics

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We set out to do our plans. Deidore and I went through many bars seeking out wanted criminals. Deidore paused by a flyer.
‘Stop and look.’ He said
I ripped down the flyer. ‘Amshell? Do we know him?’
‘If we do not anymore.’ Deidore said opening up his book.
I pulled down the book. ‘Geez Deidore Pay attention.’ I glared at him,
‘Fine. Fine.’ Deidore said putting the book in his pocket. ’What do you propose we do?’
‘Well first We got to kill Amshell and then YOU get to kill him.’ I said.
‘Me what about you? He asked astonished.
‘Well it says here that he is umm a fallen captain. I might not be able to handle it.’ I said innocently. ‘ Unless you’re too old’ I continued baiting him
‘ You are strong enough to bruise me. A great many will fall before you. And I’m only one and twenty- hundred. Fine I’ll kill the beast… but you have to let me enjoy my book in peace.’ Deidore said gruffly pushing back his hair.
‘ Fine.’ I grinned. ‘ I don’t know why you bother with a stupid poetry book anyways.’
‘ There is a GREAT many You don’t understand.’ He replied.

‘ There he is.’ I said peeking through the bushes. I heard no reply. I looked behind at me to see Deidore leaning on a tree reading the book. I picked up a rock and threw it. He caught it before it hit his head. He looked up.
‘ What?’
‘ He has made his entrance.’ I grinned peeking back at him through the bushes. ‘ And he has something with him.’
Amshell was carrying something with him. Dragging a baby elf or vampire. It was too dark to tell.
‘ Go suck him dry.’ I told Deidore just to annoy him.
‘ Bloody hell. I bite women. Besides he is too vile to eat.’ Deidore said annoyed.
‘ how would you know? You haven’t even looked up at him yet. God dammit Deidore enough chatter. Go and kill him you bastard.’ I said fed up with him and the book.
‘Understood.’ He said angrily as he disappeared.
I peered through the bushes as Deidore apparated out of the bushes and in front of Amshell.
‘ Yo.’ Deidore smiled.
‘Who are yur?’ the arrancar growled jerking on the thing as it whimpered.
‘ Well… Since there is n nice way to say this… I’ve came to kill you.’ Deidore said still smiling.
‘ Really. Do you think you’re so tough half-breed?’ Amshell growled.
‘ God one.’ Deidore said smiling. ‘Nice try but you’re a touch off.’ His face grew solemn as the wind whipped around him. ‘ You see… the brat in your hands is the half breed I’m the pure one.’
‘ Good. You’ll taste even better.’ Amshell growled.
‘ Is that a challenge.’ Deidore questioned smiling again and pushing back his hair as the wind grew more violent around him.
Amshell rushed to him dropping the thing and whipping out a sword.
‘ Well you see.. I’m a bit in a rush sorry this must finish quickly. I reached a good part.’ Deidore smiled dodging his attacks with ease.
I growled. I thought this Amshell would be a harder task. He was going to die without Deidore breaking a sweat. Damn.
I jumped out the bush and tackled Deidore and grabbed his sword.
‘ The hell…’ he growled as Amshell saw his opening. I darted away.
‘ Just making things more interesting.’ I grinned.
Deidore laughed. And kept laughing. ‘Jury be damned Ky.’ He said as fire appeared in his hand and kept whirling faster and faster. ‘ You’ll have to find someone stronger.’ He flicked his wrist. The ball aimed at me. I flinched unprepared. Deidore appeared in front of me. ‘good luck on finding the person you cute brat.’ He smirked looking down at me and put his hand behind him and flicked it the fireball aiming at Amshell.
Amshell grunted. I peered at him astonished. Amshell had the same expression on his face. Then he bursted into flames.
‘ Shit.’ Deidore said looking at the girl.
‘ What?’ I said running towards him.
‘ Return the body Ky. Give it to the council or something and get the booty. I’m going to carry the girl to Kiratchi.’
‘ What is-?’ I began.
‘ Just do it Ky.’ He yelled. Then softened his voice as he continued. ‘I’ll explain later.’
‘Fine.’ I pouted. ‘Aim fireballs at me, ignored me for a book. Not letting me in on things.’ I muttered dragging the burnt body.
‘ I can hear you Ky. Just get the booty. Don’t forget the plan’ Deidore laughed.
‘ I get it. I get it.’ I said sticking out my tongue at him.
‘ Stop acting like a kid.’ He said though his back was to me as he disappeared.

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Mewt takes Marcosius & Isthil

“What the… where am I?” I ask myself standing up. In front of me were nine figures, each looked like a shadow. I lowered to one knee and looked at the ground below me. This was the first time the elder gods have contacted me.
“We’ve been eying the Council and it’s community. First off, a few moments ago we noticed a large discharge of energy. It came from a prophet by the name of Larac; I believe he is in the Council. Another Council member, by the name of Dante, is holding Draethius in him. A third, Grand Mystic Sirberius, is atoning for his past sins. Aside from this, the Fallen Order is trying to shatter the balance and peace that cost so many their lives and took many years to gain. You are to give these,” two scrolls appeared in each of my pockets, “to Larac and Sirberius. We also need you to find Dante and keep Draethius from being summoned.”
“You have my word, is there anything else I may do for you?” I respond, still kneeing.
“No, that is all for now.”
With a flash, they were gone. I awake upside down with chains on my ankles and wrist. At that moment I noticed my arm was back. I’ve never healed that fast.
“Ahh, your awake.” A guy with glasses and a clipboard said.
“If it wasn’t for us, you just might not have too arms. We tried everything.” Another guy chimed in with his arms crossed. “Most of the things we tried didn’t work. That is until Marcosius shed some light on things.”
The word Marcosius made the blood inside of me boil. I can’t see how a God can turn to a cause like this, to turn against friends. My anger gave me just enough energy to break free. I wrapped my right hand around the chain and pulled, at the same time I pulled my left foot down. Both chains snapped lose and I swung backwards.
As I swung around, I kicked the second guy in his chin. He flew about ten feet before crashing into a table. As the table broke in half, the bottle shattered, showering him with different chemicals. After the last bottle broke, I freed my other ankle and wrist. This all happened before anyone could react. A second later, I had the guy with glasses by the throat with one hand and the other held a lady by the shirt. I tossed the lady into the wall causing an indent to form. I then began squeezing the guy’s neck, which gave in and exploded in blood. The other scientist ran off, afraid for their lives.
“The Fallen Order doesn’t pay them enough.” I said to myself with little chuckle.
I consumed their souls and blood, which almost gave me full strength. The chicken-shit scientists must have told because Marco walked in.
“I see we had fun,” Marco said as he smiled and looked around.
“Why would you switch sides? Why are you following Draethius?”
He laughed before replying, “The Elder Gods are pathetic. They are worthless in my eyes. They have converged all races so that we can live in a so called ‘happy and peaceful environment. Well Draethius believes that this is not the right path. If the races were meant to live together, we would have all been Hybrids. But we aren’t. So by getting along with others and having children with them, we are destroying all of our pure bloods and their strength. I believe what he believes and I will do everything in my power to make this a reality. Just as my ancestors did in the Great God War.”
“And what about the Council?” I asked catching my breath.
“They’ll be gone in due time, it won’t be long before Draethius begins his reign.”
He threw a punch that connected with my jaw and followed it with a kick to the chest. The kick sends me flying backwards. I stood up and he was gone. A female stood in his place, a Death God, a Shinigami. She wore the traditional outfit, a black robe with white trim.
“Are you the angel of death sent here to take me away?”
“Yes, I am.” She said as she sped towards me.
I braced myself and blocked the attack. Before the attack connected, she jumped back and pulled out a trident like spear with a spiked ball attached by a chain to the bottom. The moment she landed, she jabbed with the spear. I jumped to the side, and she swung the ball around. It hit me in the chest and sent me crashing into the wall. She then stabbed me in the shoulder with the spear.
“You should be thankful, one for being alive, and two for getting your arm back.” She said as she smiled and pressed more weight into the spear.
As if by reflex, I summoned a dagger in my right hand. She didn’t notice it, so with my left hand I grabbed the spear and pulled it out, simultaneously stabbing her in the neck. She pulled the spear away from me and disappeared. Before I sensed her, a chain wrapped around me. The spiked ball dug into my back. A few nanoseconds later, she appeared in front of me and began pulling the chain tighter. She used a blade attached to a shield she must have just summoned and stabbed me in the stomach.
“Feels good, doesn’t it?” she asked.
“Yep, I’m having the time of my life.” I said before spitting blood in her face.
She glared at me with an expression that screamed evil. She then pulled the blade out and with a quick swipe, she severed my head. And all went black…
“I pray to thee, to give me they help, they support, and thy life. Relinquish my soul, heart, and existence from thy grasp. I pray to thee with what’s left of me, put all things back to the way they were meant to be.”
My head erupted into flames (as did my body) and disappeared. Then the flames reappeared and reconstructed my body in front of her. I opened my eyes to find her dumbfounded.
“What in they hell are you?” she asked with curiosity.
“I am the Relinquished god, Mewt Magashio Morakami!” I answered.
Before I finished answering, I had started wrapping the chains that once held me prisoner around my hands and began throwing them towards her.
Amazingly, she stopped them by letting them wrap around her trident spear. Once they were finished, she pulled the spear, which in return pulled me. Then she lashed out a kick that knocked me upwards through the ceiling. The chains were trailing behind me. I threw the chains so that they wrapped around her spear. I then pulled her up after me. When she got within striking distance, I stomped her in her chest. She felled down and hit the ground with tremendous force.
She stood back up, spread her black wings and flew through the hole in the ceiling. I fell feet first on the spot were she was lying. I dropped to my knee and threw one of my chains so it would wrap around her foot. The chain tightened and jerked me into the air. When I was clear of the building, she did a midair front flip. The chain slipped off of her foot at the end of the flip, hurtling me to the ground. She sped towards me from above, spear first. At the very last second, I rolled to the right and kick her in the chest.
She fell backwards a few feet. Lying on her back, she whipped the ball towards me. The chain was just long enough to allow the ball to hit me in the upper chest. Before I could land, she jumped towards me and kicked my face. I did a few flips and then skidded to a stop. By now we were beginning to enter the forest. I took the chains and threw them so they wrapped around her arms, I then began swinging her around in a circle. After she hit a few trees, my chains broke and sent her flying deeper into the forest.
I summoned a battle-axe and charged towards her. She blocked my attack with her shield and stabbed me with the spear. I jumped up and kicked off of her chest. She stumbled back and I did a back flip before charging towards her. I dragged my battle-axe behind me. I began to swing it with one hand, but halfway into it, I gripped it with both.
As expected she tried to block it with her shield. The axe hit shield with all my strength; the force cause the shield to break. It fell to the ground with her hand still in it. Blood poured out of the limb that used to be her hand. I picked up the axe again and swung it sideways. It dug into her mid torso and the axe stopped after a quarter of the ways in.
The bones could be heard breaking. She screamed with pain before I bashed my knee into her face. She fell onto her back, rolled over and began crawling towards Marco, who appeared out of nowhere.
“Marcosius, help me…” she pleaded.
“Worthless, pathetic bitch…” he laughed, “You don’t deserve to live, let alone have help from me.”
“ But…” she began before her head with his foot.
He bent over and grabbed her weapon, “Looks like I’m going to have to handle this redundant God myself. Be blessed; trash like you doesn’t deserve to feel my divine wrath. Now, let us begin.”
I instantly changed the axe into a sword and shield, “Bring it!”
He jumped upwards, spinning the trident spear in a circle above his head. He came down and hit the ground behind me with the ball end, the collision of it caused an erupt. The quake knocked me off balance and made me fall. He then shoved the spear behind him, to avoid it I moved my shoulder and knocked the spear aside with my shield. After that I lunged my sword into his leg. He screamed In pain before pulling the spear back and shoved it in my shoulder.
“A blow for a blow, huh?” I asked
“We will both die unison!” He said with a smile
“Synchronised death sounds good, but there’s one problem.” I answered
“Oh yeah? What’s that?”
“I don’t die!” I replyed as I removed my sword and severed his leg.
He fell back with a grunt of pain, sear in hand. He stuck it in the ground and used it as a crutch to stand. In a second, tree roots and dirt formed a leg. It glowed orange and then turned to rock.
“Damn! I forgot you had control over the elements. Oops, oh well, I’ll still eradicate you no matter what.” I said and then chuckled.
His left hand had a ball of water around it, the other had a ball of fire. He clapped his hands together and an explosion of steam followed.
“I will kill you, for the remark and my leg!” He growled
The steam made me blind, on top of that he was hiding his presence. From my left, the ball end hit me in the side of my head and sent me flying through a tree. I stood with a headache that made my head pulse with pain. At that second I realized something… I’ve been thrown to much for one day.
“I will be the cause of your death, redundant god!”
I stood straight and changed my shield into a large fan. With a brief 360 spin, the smoke dissipated.
There Marcosius stood, holding the trident spear he stole from Isthil. He took a step back with one foot and lunged the spear at me. I knocked it aside with my shield and with followed it up with a jab of my sword to his chest. With a howl of pain he encased himself in rock. Fire and water then began swirling around him without mixing as another encasing. He tossed the spear aside and laughed.
“I need no weapon to kill you! You said there was no way to kill you? You were right but there is a way to subdue you for all eternity!” he then hurled a fire ball shadowed with ice shards. They hit my shield with tremendous force that almost knocked me over. He laughed madly the entire time. Every now and then shooting another fire ball or a few ice shards.
‘This bastard was playing with me!’ I thought to myself.
All at once everything ceased and before I knew what was happening, he appeared in front of me and threw a punch that sent me flying. I hit the ground and slid, all the while rolling. When I finally stopped I turned my shield into a sword. I then stabbed him in the leg with one and the shoulder with the other. I could feel the flames dance and burn me through my weapons. When I pulled them out they were bleeding and blistered. The bone underneath was caked with black.
“You of all people should know that flesh and fire don’t go together vary well.” He chuckled at his own joke.
“Yeah well your right, that was ignorance on my part but this is ignorance on yours.” I said before putting my swords together and morphing into a bladed disk. I threw it as hard as I could. He smacked it aside and it flew halfway into a tree to his left.
“Really? I don’t see how that’s so! You believe a disk is going to kill me?”
“Yes, I do!” I said as I made an axe and swung it in a 360. It flew in a rotating motion, cutting him in half through his torso. The tree to his left cracked and fell on top of him. I walked over and consumed my disk and walked over to where he was laying. I picked up the tree and threw it away. To my surprise, his encasings were gone; his god form was short lived. “Do you believe me now? I told you, I don’t die!”
“You won’t get away with this!”
“Watch me.” I then changed the axe into a hammer and smashed his head.
A little ways away I heard a familiar voice that sounded like the grand mystic. I ran towards the voice to see if I was correct.
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Blacksheep12 taking on Sakai (Pure vampire)

Two days passed since my battle with Akorun. Ezra, the witch whom I binded to my myself told me her story. She told me that her sister coven was murdered by Akorun and all she wanted was revenge. I didnt feel pity for her because i was too caught up with my own sad tale. In exchange for her story and sadness I told her the reason why I needed to bind her to be beside me. I told her that prophets can go astray and use their powers to manipulate their fate or others, I even told her that I was a council member and she did not believe me.

We meet up with Youichi for information bout the council and the bingo book targets. "Yo, Youichi. where are the rugrats now?" calling out to youichi."They are fighting the leaders as we speak, Dante was caught probably a few days ago" Youichi replied I said to Youichi"and you didnt even help huh". Youichi kept on looking at Ezra "Who is she Larac?". "Sorry, I forgot introductions are needed in here" I said, "Youichi, Ezra. Ezra, Youichi. Ezra is a witch converted to prophet. Youichi best Elemental user i have met"

both of them waved hands and greeted each other like nobles. Youichi continued our conversation and told me about the fortress where Dante was held. Youichi asked Ezra "Why did you choose Larac to be your teacher anyway", Ezra answered by showing the seal I engraved on her middle chest. "Larac you pervert, why did it have to be on her chest?" Youichi with an annoyed tone of voice. "What?! i never thought of anything perverted. And you know the rules of a prophet, we must watch over the new prophets so they will not go to a dark path. besides it looks good on her anyway". both of them looking at me like I was some kind of pervert. I interrupted their cruel stare by asking Youichi to give me a new target, A vampire. Youichi's answer "One of the Visorese leader is a pure vampire, his name is Sakai". . . . . . . .

Me and Ezra left Youichi carrying the information given to us. "That girl, the elementalist. Shes pretty" Ezra said to me, planning to start a conversation. I was confused on who Ezra meant, cause she was the only girl by my side all the time. "Youichi, shes pretty. do you like her?" Ezra said. I was lost on the idea for a second "What are you talking about? Youichi is a guy. I know he has flawless skin and girlish voice" hmmmmm, then i tried reminisced on the weird times when i stayed on Youichi's mansion. "You do remember that i can sense how strong a being is and even their gender. . . .earth to Larac", I didnt listen to her words. I was too busy remembering

YOUICHI(not part of the bingo book)

- I entered Youichi's bathroom, it was beautiful and big. I went to the hot tub seeing that Youichi is there too "Yo!, Youichi. nice home you got here" I ran quickly to do a dive bomb on the big tub, but when i landed on the water. Youichi quickly turned me into one prophet icicle. "Larac you pervert! knock first before you enter!". I thought he was homophobic or just wants to be alone. Youichi left me frozen.

- During tea time, Youichi(always wearing a magicians robe) was surrounded by girls with exquisite dresses and robes. I went to Youichi and grabbed him to tell him something "hey, Youichi. you wouldnt mind if i date one of your girlfriends there. You can share them with me, you know im a good guy". Youichi then shouted "Girls, this is the pervert Ive been talking about", then suddenly 20 lightning bolts struck me. And it was a sunny afternoon.

- I called Youichi to draw all my tattoos, Youichi was ok with the Idea. But when I stripped all of my clothes, Youichi called his guards to restrain me. After I was restrained Youichi had me thrown into an anti magic dungeon.

- After I was freed in the dungeon. I quickly hugged and thanked Youichi, but i was naked. So another few days in the dungeon.

- I found a girl's room. I investigated, I thought it was the room of Youichi's girlfriend. The room has Youichi's pictures and the drawers was full of panties and bras. When Youichi entered the room, i was caught holding a bra. I was about to open my mouth, but it took Youichi less than a second to cast an explosion spell. I was launched like fireworks

- Youichi entered my room one night and asked me about love, like a child to his/her father. but Youichi caught me in a bad time, I was very drunk and all i was thinking about was a girl who stole my pouch of money. I cursed all night, talking how girls are sick bastards and thieves. then I woke up in the dungeon in the morning

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"Boss, were here. . . .I hate it when i call you that" Ezra pointing to the fortress, "tsk tsk tsk, so negative. and besides I am your boss. So no complaining"I replied with a chuckle. When we got to the entrance me and Ezra sensed Dante's presence, and we were also surrounded by ugly looking soldiers. "Ezra, now" I signaled Ezra that Im ready for her tune of chaos (thats what i call it. she plays it with a flute). The fugly looking soldiers, shook violently and dropped dead while listening to the tune. I can't be affected because I shapeshifted my ears into nothing but skin. We went to different hallways to find Dante or my target, All who tried to attacked us was driven to insanity. For those who can withstand Ezra's Chaos music ends up sleeping/Knocked-out because of my spells or my fists.

At one hallway, me and Ezra was being called by a strong Vampiric Aura. Goosebumps ran all over my spine, I was excited and scared at the same time. I told Ezra to stop playing her flute, we entered a large room. It looks more like a dance hall with a throne at the end of it, It has many candles and it forms a path to the throne with its lights.

"Welcome intruders, I am Sakai. Purest Vampire you will ever encounter" after his little Introductions, all the flame in the candles simultaneously disappeared. My eyes changed its total anatomy, It became an eye of a bat. I told Ezra to go out of the room and get as far away, she was shouting at me and telling me that Sakai's power level is greater than mine. Ezra didnt even sensed that Sakai was already in front of me, we were looking at each other eye to eye.

I lit a cigar just to pass the time while waiting for Ezra to leave and stop bitching at me. By the time my match lit Ezra saw Sakai in front of me standing, Her legs was a trembling because Sakai was already in front of me and she didnt even sensed it. I blew smoke at Sakai's face, the vampire was smiling looking at Ezra's fear. Out of fear she quickly jumped and attacked Sakai with her long nails. Sakai was smiling while he dodges every move Ezra made. She was following the scent of my cigar on the vampires face.

"Ezra your wasting your time" I said to her while breathing smoke. She did not listen to any of the words I have said. Her eyes was pouring with tear and she does not even notice as it slithers to her face. Ezra used her flute when she lost her confidence in her speed and accuracy. I shouted out in pain "Ezra!! God Damn it!!! Stop! I'm the only one whos hearing your music here".

Out of desperation Ezra took out her wand and slowly casts a large massive energy. "Larac" Sakai whispered while smiling "stop her before she kill us all" he said it in a calm manner, like he was not scared of death. When Ezra was about to cast the spell, I used an explosion magic to destroy the wand that caused the magical energy to deplete on its own.

Vampiric evil aura devoured both me and Ezra, She fell for her knees and was crying. She was murmuring "I dont want to die" and kept staring at the floor. The Vampiric Aura was too much for her, She felt hopeless and powerless at that moment. I was hardly affected by it maybe because Vampire Auras are all the same for me, or maybe because I am a hellrunner. I've seen too many scary beings in hell and in life to be Intimidated with beings with power.

I picked her up and carried her out of the room, I removed the seal in her chest and comforted her.

"Ezra, don't worry. your not bound to me now, when you get your senses together I want you to leave this place and practice your prophecies on your own. ok?" i told her like a father would to his daughter.

"You cant take him on your own!. I compared both your powers and his, He clearly outmatches you" she replied with tears on her face.

"Don't worry and also dont bother using your prophecy in knowing who will come out of this door alive. this fight will be hard to determine even for fate, because free will is the only thing powerful enough to prove prophecies wrong. There is also a chance that Sakai can pull you out of your vision and kill you, Dont forget that strong beings can sense Astral spectators like us" I told her my last lesson I can give.

I returned to the darkened room with Sakai staring at me while I seal the door with magic, He embraced me tight and bit me on my neck. "Oh L'rac, your blood is so exotic" said Sakai while his eyes turned yellow because of the pleasure of my blood.

I pushed him away and sat next to the door "Long time Shein or Sakai, whats with the new name?" I asked.

"I dont want my old name anymore, it bores me so" Sakai replied. "So how shall we do this Larac?" Sakai standing in front of me.
"I dunno Shein. I didnt even notice it was you till I saw that smile of yours. you almost killed my pupil"
"She was fun, Im going to take her then after i kill you"Sakai smiled.
"who is the clown in the horse" I asked.
"one of the four horsemen, my master for now" Sakai replied.

Sakai ran towards me and i replied by turning my quicksilver blades into whips and attacked him. He dodged every strike, when he got close to me i grew wings and flew over him and the hoorseman. He fired dark spells at me but landed not even one

"Whats wrong Larac!!, your not tough now without Luther and Wisdom"

I whipped at his face as i flew but it turned into a mirage. because of his speed he created multiple images. As i was floating high up in the air, i used my prophecies to determine where Sakai would attack. My tattoos glowed and time slowed down as images of the future apears. I was startled when the only vision i saw was Sakai on my back closing in on my heart.

My quicksilver quickly turned into a piece of armor and blocked Sakai's claw from piercing through me. I was threw out of the way, tumbling and turning to the end of the large hall. the horseman giggled as he watched me cough blood. Sakai laughed and picked up a sword.

"So this is the end my old friend. You might have been stronger before but now your just weak shapeshifter" Mocking me as I choke on blood. His mocking gave me a little time to summon a bastard.

As Sakai was about to strike Madellus came and used two of his fingers to stop the sword from landing its final blow on me.

"Demon!" The horseman shouted "You have no jurisdiction here"
"I know horseman"Madellus said "The shapeshifter summoned me and I must know first what he wants before I leave"
"But If it involves taking the life of Sakai Pure Vampire I will not participate in it"

When Madellus removed his hold of the sword i was already in the middle of the hall with a piece of bone from my ribs and blood covering it.

"Prophet!!. Your not going to delay your death any longer" Sakai shouted as he quickly came at me.

I turned the hall's floor into quicksand sinking Sakai and the Horse of the horseman. Sakai still continued to force his way close to me. I summoned a sandworms and it quickly restrained Sakai. Madellus turned to sand and left.

"Cowardly Prophet!!! im going to kill you when i get out of this" He shouted as he sliced through the sandworms.

My ritual was a bit long but it was worth it. The rib turned into me, a perfect clone. 99.9% close to the original. Sakai was shocked as he looked at two shapeshifters.

"Well heres the situation Shein, youve got to get rid of both of us" I said to shein as he looked at my clone whos waking up.
"Even though theres two of you, you still cant beat me"Sakai replied
"I know, you still outmatch us a little. . .but the clones i make have the exact same memory as me"
"So?!. . .Its not like thats going to change the situation"
"Well, you gave me enough time to choose those specific memories. . .so my clone doesnt know shit bout power abuse and all that he is thinking write now is to fucking kill Shein and hes really pissed about vampires"

My clone quickly turned itself into a large dragon and used fire breath against Sakai. He quickly used a black magic spell to protect himself from the fire. the dance hall's floor returned to normal and Sakai disapeared but his Aura was still clouding the area. I used a defense stance to prepare myself for Sakai's attack.

The cloned me in dragon form quickly shouted and growled as Sakai attacked its back but could not penetrate its dragonscales.
The clone changed itself into a large serpent and gripped Sakai, but it was a mirage. When i quickly turned on my side Sakai apeared and attacked me. I blocked his sword with my blades, The clone used his serpent tail as a whip to attack Sakai but he only ended up hitting me slamming me to the wall. Sakai disappeared in the darkness again.

I shapeshifted into a werewolf and my clone chose to be an metal scaled beast. . . .
"You IDIOT!! you wont be able to shapeshift again turning ur parts into metal!!" I shouted.

When my voice started to echoed the hall Sakai quickly stab me in the lungs with his claws. I gripped his arm tight as it was the only oppurtunity me and my clone had to slow Sakai. The clone stabbed Sakai with his scales and slowly started to devour him

"You MORON!! dont use Binding Infestation!! Im still connected to him" I shouted as I start to kick on my clone to get away.
"Larac what is he doing?!" Sakai shouted as the pain overwhelmed him.

Sakai's face had the expression of fear as my clone started to bind Sakai to himself. I started to squirm out of Sakai's hand before I would end up eaten by my clone. As i watched Sakai begged for mercy i felt a little bit of pity towards my old friend, but i cant help him because even I cant control my clone.

Blood started to drip of the clones metal scale. Sakai's face was the only thing left of him hanging on the chest of my clone. the horseman clapped at the battle. . . .

"Bravo! Bravo!" He said "I did not know that such power can be defeated by hate and hunger"
"Shut the fuck off, you hell spawn!"I shouted at the horseman"Im going to kick your ass after im done with my clone"

The clone slowly stared at me and tried to speak " me" "I do.....i doo.....I dont, wa....want to die"

"Im sorry brother, but the longer you stay the more trouble it brings"I replied.......

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