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You must intrude into a small tower(20 ft high), and assassinate the commander of it, he is at the top floor, Outside it is snowing and there's no one there... there are 5 men inside the tower. One guard with a glock at entrance door! Another guard leader inside the entrance with a zanpaktou ready to kick ure ass! Three more guards on second floor waiting with normal blades!
The commander is at top with a powerful m-16 ready to shoot anyone's ass off! u must kill everybody and get out successfully!, these are ure weapons!
1. A glock with one mag of 2 rounds
2. Your zanpaktou
3. a rope with throwing knife to it( it is sturdy and can be thrown anywhere 20 ft and still hold with a weight of 300 pounds on it)
4. one throwing knife

missions will get harder and harder so check them out and think about them!

Posted 3/22/08
first sneak around and find top floor window use rope kunai climb up sneak through the widow use bare hnds break his neck sneak down use throwing knife to kill first of the three from behind impakle second trough neck while he turns around slit third guys throat before he can draw go down to next floor stqab him in the back go down to first floor shoot him in the back of the head walk out the front door
Posted 3/22/08
lol u seem confident, pretty nice, im gonna change mission every day or maybe week
Posted 3/22/08
You are in a forest and there is a river running about a quarter of a mile to ure right, and the path out to left with a huge crowd! There's a small hut in the corner of the forest next to the river, which is pretty big. The hut contains 3 men, one guard with a 50-caliber waiting at front! Another guard is in back with m-16, the last guy a commander, is inside, with his glock and 3 throwing knives!

Your weapons are!
1. A silencer
2. A glock with 2 mags of five rounds each...
3. three throwing knives

Good luck and be creative without dying.
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Posted 3/24/08
wats a silencer and a glock
Posted 3/24/08

Zen110 wrote:

wats a silencer and a glock

a glock is a pistol cops use, and silencer is to silence the pistol u put on tip of pistol to silence shot so noone can hear
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