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Posted 8/11/08 , edited 8/12/08
Form - A double headed ax with a blue ball in the middle, and can detach at the place where the ax and the pole meet for long range attacks.

Disquised - Belt with incripted letters on the belt

Magic divice - Belkan

Voice - the voice that lavainty has.

Language - german

Name - Trig Forcep
Posted 8/28/08 , edited 8/29/08
Form: a bow and arrow that can change in size, and can also shoot from long range

Disguised as: a wristband

Magic device:

Voice: like subaru's

Language: English

Name: Carlisle

Color: black/green/purple
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Posted 8/29/08 , edited 8/30/08
What form would it take: A Black Scythe that can change into a Spear and can also transforms into a Dual Swords...

What would it be disguised as when not being used: A pendant made out of gold, and Shaped like a lions head...

What type of magic will you use (Belkan/Midchildan): Belkan...

What kind of voice would it have: A girls voice...

What language would it speak: English...

What will be it's name: BlackHeart
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Posted 9/26/08 , edited 9/29/08
FORM dual daggers, 1 is colored black and the other is colored white, each has it's own cartridge system. it has 5 different modes, which are: Standard Mode [that's the normal one], Advanced Mode [it makes me twice as fast and the blades will elongate a little], Burst Mode [it will make me 10x stronger and faster, using my own life force to back me up, each hit i make will strain body 10x more], Life Taker Mode [the 2 daggers can now form into a single-handed sword, and it will grant me the ability to cast "ascension"l], and finally Suicidal Mode [further enhances my physical strength by 20x, but the amount of strain caused is unimaginable. grants the "kamikaze" skill]

Offensive Attacks Shadow Dagger [i'll throw the black dagger really fast, causing it to become invisible. upon impact, the dagger will slow the enemy down]
Blood Dagger [summons numerous daggers by my side (it's kinda like the 1 that the book of darkness used in magical girl lyrical nanoha a's]
Flash Move [enables me to move faster in a step]
Fatal Attack [an armor breaking attack done by both daggers, the damage is equal 10x of his normal damage. does 2x the damage when done after flash move, can only be used in melee range]
ASCENSION [fires a direct beam of light that goes through any defense, 50% of the damage done to the target is the amount of stress my body will take]
HATRED [transfers all my physical stress to an enemy of my choice.]
MURDER [imbues 1 attack with all the stress my body has experienced.]
KAMIKAZE [sacrifices me and my device to perform a wide scale attack that will deal massive damage]

Defensive Moves
Barrier Jacket [barrier jacket] :)
Block Move [azriel blocks an attack it sees.]
Magic Cell [crystallizes magic into a cell that can block any attack, breaks shortly afterwards.]


Disguise my emotions. so i won't have any emotions during battle. the 2 daggers help me determine whether a unit is a foe or an enemy.

Magic Device Midchildan, i guess?

Voice my voice, so when it's not released, it's like i'm just thinking in my head. lol

Language english

Name Azriel

ps: ... i am really bored.
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