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As Amaterasu flames spread to the forest, the white snake looks for a way to escape. Sasuke still stands in shock and Zetsu tries to grasp if Itachi is actually dead. The flames rage and the white snake is quickly consumed in the fire as well.

It begins to rain and Zetsu debates how Itachi could have lost. He was slower than usual and appeared to have been injured before hand, due to his coughing up blood throughout the fight. Zetsu figures Itachi was either injured before the fight, or he overused the Sharingan. The blood begins to wash off Sasuke's face and he looks down at his brother. A grin forms and then he collapses to the ground as well.

Elsewhere the teams are having no luck against Tobi. Kiba yells to verify with Naruto that they actually hit Tobi. Naruto says yes, it's like before when his Rasengan passed right through him. Shino says it's no trick, the jutsu really are passing through him. Sakura says it could be a Bunshin or Genjutsu, but Hinata says no, she checked the area and the only other chakra belongs to Tobi. Yamato asks Kakashi what he thinks.

Kakashi offers this strange ability could be a hidden technique, so it's up to Shino. Shino says he's ready and his bugs rise from his body. Tobi recognizes the Aburame Clan jutsu and offers that it's gross. Kiba smiles and says he knows why Shino is so enthusiastic. Shino says of course, because he missed the last mission involving Sasuke...

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