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Posted 3/22/08 , edited 3/22/08
Dear all,
Today I just discover that there's Chrno Crusade manga available on CR's manga section. For now,there're 56 chapters available. Anyway, be informed that the epilogue isn't uploaded yet.

If you love Chrno Crusade anime, you mustn't miss the manga at all. It's longer and more detailed than an anime.(there's more story on Chrno ex-lover,Mary Magdalene)
It also has various grand battle scenes which aren't included in the anime. The end of the manga is also "happier".

Even though I love the anime, after reading the manga I thought that Gonzo studio (the one who made an anime)
should have done a better job. After Rosette met Joshua in the Carnival, Gonzo changed everything at all. Only if
they are more loyal to the manga storyline,Chrno Crusade will be more famous than it is today. When I searched google about Chrno Crusade, there're very little fansites.

I wish you will enjoy the manga, and I'll be glad if any of you will discuss with me about this great series.
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but the manga section is gone............
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Posted 6/10/08 , edited 6/10/08
if watch de manga, mayb will cry even worse than de last time
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