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27 / ヅバイ
Posted 10/28/08
Hi you can call me DAN+
Im 17 years girl... IM STRAIGHT!!!!

I love Zack I wish if he didnt die coz I really liked him.......still like him though....

I will complete the game soonly....Im in last stage!!!

nice to meet you all
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31 / F / manila, philippines
Posted 4/9/09
i'm emo rockman
a certified FINAL FANTASY GEEK.. esp. ff7...
my fave ff characters are: cloud, zack, squall. tidus, aerith, yuna, sephiroth and the all time ff cutie.... CHOCOBO!!! luv em all!!! X 3
i played crisis core for fives times already.... that's it....
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25 / F
Posted 6/9/10
hiiiii all :)
my nick is nymphell but you can call me belle :))

i'm 17

and . .oh. . ZACK FAIR ! is so damn awesome ! i sad he died :'') with tragic romantic story :'')
Posted 8/2/10
Hi, I'm Catie. Though you can also call me Cait or Ouran-Chan. I'm 19 years old. Zack is my all time favorite Final Fantasy character.
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