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126.What’s your charm point?
My belly button is pretty. But recently I’ve developed muscles on my side, and the shape is changing, so I’m worried….
127. If you had to say something about your personality, what would it be?
128. A bad habit of yours is?
Touching my nose
129. What’s your dominant arm? Leg?
For both it’s right
130. What’s your eyesight?
Left 0-3, Right 0-4
131. What’s you weak point?
Dark and narrow places
132. What do you worry about related to your body?
I don’t have abs
133. What style of underwear do you wear?
Boxer pants
134. How many times can you do a crunch?
120 times
135. The clothes you wear when going to sleep are?
In the summer I wear jinbei, in the winter pajamas
136. The pose you sleep in is?
On my side. With my right side under me.
137. How long do you spend in the bath?
10 minutes.
138. In the bath, what do you wash first?
My hair.
139. What puts you at peace?*
Eating lots of vegetables
140. What impression are you good at?
The older brother from “Grave of the Fireflies” and Enari Kazuki
141. What cuisine are you good at?
142. About how long do you sleep a day?
5 hours
143. Your shopping spot is?
Daikan-yama, Shibuya, Aoyama, Harajuku
144. What do you buy often at a convenience store?
Green tea
145. What are your ‘18 best’ at karaoke?
Kinki Kids’ songs
146. What’s your highest score in bowling?
147. What’s your treasure?
The album I got when changing schools during elementary school
148. Saying it now, I’m sorry
During January NEWS concert when everyone was supposed to sing “Sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana” I was in the back dozing off and missed when we were supposed to come out.
149. If you were to do cosplay, what would it be?
150. What do you collect?
151. What fashion do you like?
152. Something you wore in the past that is now embarrassing is?
A fake brand sweatshirt
153. I would like to try this style of hair.
I’d like to try it with a length to my shoulders, in a perm
154. What have you been into lately?
155. What word do you like?
I want to do it, you can [You can do it if you try]
156. What song do you like?
Recently I like JET. The song used for the iPod commercial.
157. What color do you like?
158. What movie do you like?
159. What season do you like?
160. What book or magazine do you like?
“Snakes & Earrings” and “Mens Non-no”
161. What manga do you like?
“Dragon Ball” and “Slam Dunk”
162. What ramen do you like?
Koyama’s home’s ramen
163. What TV show do you like?
“Love ride/Carpool” [Ainori] It’s really interesting and when I can’t see it, I record it
164. What historical figure do you like?
Miyamoto Musashi
165. What food do you like?
Katsudon, omelette & rice
What food do you hate?
Pumpkin, anko
166. What emoji [emoticon] do you like?
167. What fall flavor do you like?
Matsutake mushroom
168. What thing are you most scared of?
169. What did you recently cry about?
On “24 hour television” when Aiba-kun read a letter to the members of ARASHI.
170. What did you recently laugh a lot about?
During the opening of “SUMMARY”, when Kusano almost slipped on some water
172. What were you recently angry about?
When Nana (my beloved dog) bit the CD case for ‘Akaku moyuru taiyou’ to pieces. When I realized it Nana was already sleeping so my timing for being angry was off. It couldn’t be helped, I should have trained her better, so got mad at myself.
173. What recently made you happy?
My wish came true, I got to eat ramen from Koyama’s place
174. What dream did you have recently?
One where I got REALLY mad at (Ayukawa) Taiyou.
175. What’s something good you did recently?
At the convienience store, I put 200 yen into a fund-raising box
176. What news has peaked your interest recently?
The Olympics. But when I’m watching it seems like they lose a lot. It’s kind of like, “What the heck!”.
177. What type of girl do you like?
Someone I can respect
178. What kind of girl’s hairstyle do you like?
179. What place would you like to go on a date?
Disney Sea
180. If we were to kiss, it’d be in this situation.
Somewhere where you could see the ocean would be nice. Like Yokohama’s Yamashita Park or something.
181. If you were to confess, it’d be these words.
“I might like you” and then when the mood gets right “If you’ll let me love you, please date me”. This is embarrassing! (Glowing)
182. If you were going to be confessed to, it would be these words.
Anything is good. Or something like “You’re my sun ♥”.
183. What would you like your girlfriend to call you?
184. How many times have you had experience confessing?
2 or 3 times.
185. What fetish do you have?
The nape.
186. From what do you consider something ‘cheating’?
As long as her feelings are with me, anything she does is fine.
187. Something you don’t want your girlfriend to do?
Just look at my cellphone of her own will.
188. If you were getting a present for your girlfriend, what would it be?
I’d casually ask her want things she’s been wanting, and secretly go buy it.
189. What words would make you happy to hear from your girlfriend?
“You’re cool ne”
190. What words from your girlfriend would shock you?
You’re boring, or you’re disgusting.
191. Your girlfriend is late for a date. How long would you wait?
If she didn’t come after 10 minutes, then I’d try and find some way to waste time nearby. If I found out I got the time wrong, I’d wait until then.
192. When was your first love?
In third grade.
193. When was your first kiss?
In kindergarten.
194. How many times have you lost in love?
2 or 3 times.
195. If you were going to propose, you’d say this.
Let’s build a good family.
196. If you were going to get married, at what age?
28 years old.
197. How many children would you like?
198. Please say something to your future wife.
Forever yoroshiku
199. What name would you like to give your son?
Sho 翔
200. What name would you like to give your daughter?
Iori 伊織
201. What would you be called by your family?
202. What taste is your mother’s cooking?
Meat, or oden
203. What do you call your mother?
“Okaasan” or sometimes “Okan”
204. What’s the first memory of life you have?
My first kiss in kindergarten
205. What was your dream when you were younger?
A scientist. Because I admired “Kiteretsu daihyakka”.
206. What’s a place you’ve traveled that’s moved you?
Las Vegas.
207. When you had free time in school, who did you spend it with?
I’d talk with my friends in the classroom, and get something to eat.
208. What school lunch do you like?
Frozen tangerines
209. What school lunch do you hate?
Cooked pumpkin
210. What school subject do you like?
211. What school subject do you hate?
212. What athletic event day activities did you like?
Calvarly Battle game
213. What athletic event day activities did you dislike?
Foot race
214. What kind of committee meetings have you done up until now?
In elementary school and middle school I was the class representative once.
215. What’s the longest phone call you’ve had?
3 or 4 hours
216. How many text mail do you send a day?
About 10. I hate mail so just use it and finish quickly.
217. What’s your ringtone?
Traditional phone sound. Though I almost always have it on vibrate, so it doesn’t mean much.
218. What place would you like to go and see?
219. How big is your cell phone memory?
220. Who do you respect?
My father
221. Right now, who do you want to meet the most?
Uchi Hiroki. He said we never meet unexpectedly.
222. What item do you want the most right now?
Wrist watch
223. What senpai do you respect?
(Sakurai) Sho-kun.
224. If you became the prime minister, what would you do?
I’d make the fare for taxi cabs just 100 yen.
225. If you became a woman, what would you like to try doing?
Wear loose socks
226. If you had a one month break, what would you do?
Travel around the world once
227. If you won three hundred million yen in the lottery what would you do?
Take everyone from NEWS on a trip around the world.
228. If you hadn’t entered the entertainment world, what would you do?
I’d be a normal high school student. Probably work part time at a convineince store.
229. If you were to be reborn, what would you like to become?
It’d be nice if I could be myself again
230. If your home caught on fire, what item would you take out with you?
Cellphone, wallet, dog, guitar (2), important clothes, and if I had time some home electronics (lol)
231. If you had a time machine, when would you go back to?
50 years in the future
232. If it was the last day of the world, what would you do?
After eating the worlds 3 greatest delicacies, I would eat stuff like bugs or poisonous mushrooms. Since it’s the end, I’d like to try eating a bunch of things.
233. Who’s the most perverted one of NEWS?
234. What is your best memory of NEWS since they’ve formed?
The food we ate in different provinces while cheering on the world cup volleyball tournament. Hokkaido’s sea urchin was good-
235. What’s your number one goal for NEWS?
To have a regular TV show during prime time
236. Who in NEWS is strongest at fighting?
237. Who in NEWS is weakest at fighting?
Me (lol)
238. NEWS’ biggest weak point is?
None. Because we have 8 people, if someone is lacking in something someone else can compensate for it. I’m in charge of cheering “Do your best!”
239. NEWS’ biggest strong point is?
They’re good at singing. Everyone but Koyama and I, ne.
240. If you were a female, what member of NEWS would you want to go out with most?
241. What do you not want to lose to another memeber in?
Smelling like an old man, and also probably being generally hard working.
242. If you were to give yourself a stage name?
Miyamoto Shigeaki. I don’t really like the characters of my name that much, so would take from Miyamoto Musashi who I like.
243. What was your breakfast today?
Didn’t eat it. Usually bread though.
244. What’s the fall fashion item to look out for?
245. What dance are you good at?
Hip hop, rock, house
246. What’s your special skill?
I can put my fist in my mouth
247. Do you play with the puppy you got from Yoko?
Nana, ne. We played together. I take walks with her, sleep with her, she eats my CDs (lol).
248. Recently a nice example of you going along with a joke and then breaking it is?
No event particularly. I’ve recently awakened to a embarrassment and slight fear that I’ll be left out or ignored. So right now I’m coming up with material, please wait a bit!
249. In 10 years, what will you be doing?
NEWS and Kato Shigeaki would have gotten much bigger than they are now! Also, I think I’d like to get married, so I hope I’ve met my partner.

250. The first job you had after entering Johnny’s Jr. was what?
A Myojo shooting! And in location in Okinawa!

**Note:This was when Uchi and Kusano were still in da group =]
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waaaah... kakkoi ne shige.... i love him so much!! hahaha...
and what does he mean he cant sing...
i like his deep voice when he sing... its extremely nice...
yeah get abs soon shige-kun!
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227. If you won three hundred million yen in the lottery what would you do?
Take everyone from NEWS on a trip around the world.

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Shige kakkoii!!! X3

Daijoubu, Shige-san! We think that you and Koyama-san are great singers

Thanks for posting this ^ ^
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Sakura10101 wrote:

can i ask for the beginning and the continuation???? pls???? hahahahaha.... thank you...!!!!!

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