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Post Reply 1000 Questions about Yampi!
Posted 3/22/08 , edited 3/22/08

1.What’s your charm point?
I don’t really know… my nipples!
2. If you had to say something about your personality, what would it be?
Not meek. I hate to lose and am stubborn.
3. What’s your dominant arm? Leg?
When writing or playing baseball my right arm is dominant. But when eating, bowling, playing billiards or darts my left arm is dominant. Right leg is dominant.
4. What’s your eyesight?
Right eye 1-0. Left is 0-3.
5. What’s you weak point?
Side stomach exercises.
6. What do you worry about related to your body?
My nipples are small
7. What style of underwear do you wear?
Boxer pants
8. How many times can you do a crunch?
Over 100 times
9. The clothes you wear when going to sleep are?
1 pair of underwear
10. The pose you sleep in is?
Lunch & Dinner special
11. How long do you spend in the bath?
10 to 15 minutes
12. In the bath, what do you wash first?
13. What puts you at peace?*
Eating yogurt
14. What impression are you good at?
15. What cuisine are you good at?
Stir fry things
16. About how long do you sleep a day?
7 hours
17. Your shopping spot is?
LIFE (Super market)
18. What do you buy often at a convenience store?
19. What’s your highest score in bowling?
20. What’s your treasure?
Family & friends
21. Saying it now, I’m sorry
I always quickly apologize, so there’s nothing now.
22. If you were to do cosplay, what would it be?
Convenience store worker
23. What fashion item do you like?
Shoes. Sneakers, slip ons, boots, there are so many shapes, designs and colors that it’s fun.
24. Something you wore in the past that is now embarrassing is?
For high school, a purple jersey
25. I would like to try this style of hair.
Shaved head
26. What are you currently into?
Eating yogurt with honey
27. What word do you like?
“Doing my best without doing my best”
28. What song do you like?
All of Sazan
29. What color do you like?
White, black and red
30. What movie do you like?
‘Freddy versus Jason’, since I saw it most recently I remember it.
31. What season do you like?
32. What book do you like?
When preparing for my college entrance exams I read so much that now I hate it
33. What manga do you like?
During the “SUMMARY” concert they had “BOY” and I read until about volume 12.
34. What ramen do you like?
35. What TV show do you like?
“Just a kiss is a no!”, “Quiz! Hexagon”, “Gyouretsu no dekiru houritsu soudan”, ah, I like Shimada Shinsuke-san.
36. What historical figure do you like?
Saigo Takamori
37. What food do you like?
Yogurt, boiled eggs
What food do you hate?
I’m bad with sea urchin, but when I went on a school trip to Hokkaido I came to be OK with them.
39. What emoji [emoticon] do you like?

40. What fall flavor do you like?
Sanma fish
41. What thing are you most scared of?
Someone like my parents or grandmother dying.
42. What did you recently cry about?
When I watched “Monster’s Inc”
43. What did you recently laugh a lot about?
When I think about Akanishi Jin’s existence, I laugh. Aah, since Akanishi Jin is one of the treasures I was talking about earlier.
44. What recently made you happy?
That at the recent “SUMMARY” concert there were families that came, mothers and daughters buying my uchiwa.
45. What dream did you have recently?
I became good friends with Anpanman and sliced squid and flew through the sky.
46. Something good you did recently?
I picked up a piece of trash Akanishi threw on the ground.
47. What news has peaked your interest recently?Yamamoto-san who got a silver medal in archery at the Olympics
48. What type of girl do you like?
Kind and good at cooking
49. What kind of girl’s hairstyle do you like?
If it suits her, it’s fine
50. What place would you like to go on a date?
51. If we were to kiss, it’d be in this situation.
At night in a park
52. If you were to confess, it’d be these words.
I like you.
53. If you were going to be confessed to, it would be these words.
Yamashita-kun, I like you.
54. What would you like your girlfriend to call you?
Someone who normally calls me Pi, but also makes use of “Tomohisa”
55. How many times have you had experience confessing?
About 3 or 4 times
56. From what do you consider something ‘cheating’?
57. Something you don’t want your girlfriend to do?
58. If you were getting a present for your girlfriend, what would it be?
Accessories, or a CD I’ve been liking at the time
59. What words would make you happy to hear from your girlfriend?
Words of praise
60. What words from your girlfriend would shock you?
“You smell”
61. Your girlfriend is late for a date. How long would you wait?
2 hours.
62. When was your first love?
In kindergarten
63. When was your first kiss?
At 19 years old. But, that was with Akanishi (lol). During a performance of “SUMMARY” our lips accidentally touched.
64. How many times have you lost in love?
4 times.
65. If you were going to propose, you’d say this.
Please marry me.
66. If you were going to get married, at what age?
At a time I seriously want to get married.
67. How many children would you like?
Any number. Until I have a son and a daughter.
68. Please say something to your future wife.
Thank you for the always delicious meals.
69. What name would you like to give your son?
Raimu 来夢
70. What name would you like to give your daughter?
Raimu 来夢
71. What should your family call you?
Big brother (Oniichan)
72. What taste is your mother’s cooking?
While I like Sichuan style tofu, the taste that reminds me of my mother is the cooked taste of freeze dried tofu with eggplant.
73. What do you call your mother?
Mommy (Kaachan)
74. What’s the first memory of life you have?
When I was told I’d have a little sister
75. What was your dream when you were younger?
Astronaut. But when I was 4 years old I was told by the dentists if I got cavities I couldn’t become one. So I gave up, and threw out my star map.
76. What’s a place you’ve traveled that’s moved you?
All onsen [hot springs]. Whenever I go somewhere with nice scenery, I’m moved.
77. When’s a time you’ve had a big physical fight?
During 6th grade I broke my arm. I couldn’t go on TV and it was lonely.
78. What school lunch do you like?
79. What school lunch do you hate?
Clam soup
80. What school subject do you like?
81. What school subject do you hate?
Everything besides PE
82. What athletic event day activities did you like?
100 meter run
83. What athletic event day activities did you dislike?
Obstacle race
84. What kind of committee meetings have you done up until now?
In 6th grade, I was the chairman of student council. Though work wise all I really did say the athlete’s pledge for athletic day.
85. What’s the longest phone call you’ve had?
4 hours
86. How many text mail do you send a day?
10. Once a day is my Johnny’s web diary.
87. What’s your ringtone?
Anpanman. That love and courage are friends, I’ll cry.
88. How big is your cell phone memory?
Can store over 100 messages.
89. What place would you like to go and see?
Bali Islands
90. Who do you respect?
My mother
91. Right now, who do you want to meet the most?
Brad Pitt
92. What item do you want the most right now?
93. What senpai do you respect?
Domoto Tsuyoshi-kun and Takizawa-kun
94. If you became the prime minister, what would you do?
Never go to war
95. If you became a woman, what would you like to try doing?
Give birth
96. If you had a one month break, what would you do?
Go to a hot spring, travel abroad, and relax at home.
97. If you won three hundred million yen in the lottery what would you do?
Buy a big apartment for my family to live in together
98. If you hadn’t entered the entertainment world, what would you do?
Part time work at a convienience store
99. If you were to be reborn, what would you like to become?
100. If your home caught on fire, what item would you take out with you?
My dog
101. If you had a time machine, when would you go back to?
Go back to 10 years ago
102. If it was the last day of the world, what would you do?
Have a nabe party
103. What memory do you have of your first job?
Appealing for the TV camera, but in the end it wasn’t filming
104. Who’s the most perverted one of NEWS?
Nishikido Ryo.
105. What is your best memory of NEWS since they’ve formed?
Going around the whole country cheering for the volleyball tournament, and that our first song reached number 1
106. What’s your number one goal for NEWS?
From now on for all of our CD’s to continue to reach number 1 on the ranking charts
107. Who in NEWS is strongest at fighting?
108. Who in NEWS is weakest at fighting?
Leave it to your imagination.
109. NEWS’ biggest weak point is?
There are many things we aren’t perfect in.
110. NEWS’ biggest strong point is?
Everyone’s a great guy
111. If you were a female, what member of NEWS would you want to go out with most?
112. What member do you not want to lose to?
I want to do my best not to lose to any of them.
113. If you were to give yourself a stage name?
114. What was your breakfast today?
115. What lunch menu do you like to have in college?
116. Of the drama you have starred in, which has left the deepest memories with you?
Of course, “Ikebukuro West Gate Park”. It was my first drama during prime time and I was acting with Nagase-kun.
117. Say something about your good friend Akanishi Jin.
Well, as it is I might love him.
118. How many times have you thought you want to quit this job?
In doing it for over 7 years, I’ve only thought it once.
119. Right now, what nostalgic gag are you interested in?
Daddaan boyoyonboyoyon.
120. What has changed since you became a college student?
I’ve gotten more friends
121. What college lecture do you like?
They’re hard, so none.
122. In free time who do you spend a lot of time with?
In the back of college class, quitely chatting with friends
123. What memory do you have of this summer?
Going on a drive with Akanishi, Kusano and a friend from high school. It was super fun~. It’s written about in detail in this month’s NEWS CHANNEL in the Yamapi News so please read.
124. In 10 years, what will you be doing?
Singing, dancing and doing plays & drama. Also NEWS will have gotten more mature, and we’ll still be releasing CD’s that reach the number one ranking!

125. What action by a girl will charm you?
Different than an action, but I like the smell of soap
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F / Walnut
Posted 3/22/08 , edited 3/23/08
is this really his response?
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28 / F / Wouldn't you like...
Posted 3/24/08 , edited 3/24/08
Akanishi's existance makes him laugh xD
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24 / F / ???
Posted 3/24/08 , edited 3/25/08
Tnx for sharing!
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32 / F / USA
Posted 3/26/08 , edited 3/27/08
ahahaa.. HE'S SO FUNY AND KiND. iS THiS REALLY TRUE?? ahaha.
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29 / F / My own Island
Posted 3/26/08 , edited 3/27/08
And Monsters Inc!
Two things we have in common! =O
Posted 3/27/08 , edited 3/27/08
tis is so cOol!! lol i cant believe these are his answers tnx fOr sharing!
Posted 3/27/08 , edited 3/27/08
is he da 0ne wh0 riLy aNsweR dis ??
i never th0ught dAt w0uLd be his aNsweRs ...

'i Like y0u' ... we're da same ,, i als0 wanted t0 be c0nfessed Like dat and n0t diRectLy 'i l0ve y0u' ...
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23 / F / United States: Ph...
Posted 3/27/08 , edited 3/28/08
Mmmm... Yogurt.. If these are his real answers... I'm glad some of my answers don't match his. Some of his replies are... unusual xD
Posted 3/27/08 , edited 3/28/08
To all you guys who asked if these are his real answers:

They might not be the EXCAT words he spoke becuz tranlating EVERY SINGLE word is hard D: But yes it reall is his answers -_-'
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F / ~ Somewhere other...
Posted 3/28/08 , edited 3/28/08
Lol, give birth.

Some of his answers do match up though. I've read from other sources about the kiss thing, the straightforwardness when it comes to confessing, the cheating thing, his food preferences, and ikuta toma use to call hims mother okaachan. cute.
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27 / F / syd, Aus
Posted 3/29/08 , edited 3/29/08
lol some of his answers are unusual..but very funny!! =] hehe yoghurt XD recently i've taken to eating yoghurt for breakfast too! =]
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F / in my own world
Posted 3/29/08 , edited 3/29/08
he's so cute.
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31 / F / philippines
Posted 3/30/08 , edited 3/30/08
whoa... yogurt... i love yogurt too... but not the plain one...

thanks for sharing...
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28 / F
Posted 3/31/08 , edited 3/31/08
for really!
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