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Posted 3/22/08
first pic~desU~

zanpakuto name: Daiguren Hyorinmaru

Shikai command:

Hitsugaya's zanpakutō is Hyōrinmaru (氷輪丸, Hyōrinmaru? literally "ice ring", idiomatically "full moon"). Hyōrinmaru's shikai command is "sit upon the frozen heavens" (霜天に坐せ, sōten ni zase?, Viz: "reign over the frosted heavens," English TV: "reign over the frosted frozen sky"). Hyōrinmaru is the strongest of all water-ice element zanpakutō in Soul Society.


Ability: Hyōrinmaru's bankai, named Daiguren Hyōrinmaru (大紅蓮氷輪丸, Daiguren Hyōrinmaru? literally "great crimson lotus ice ring", where "great crimson lotus" is a reference to Mahāpadma; translated by Viz as "Great Roaring Coldly Shining Moon"), causes ice to flow from Hyōrinmaru onto Hitsugaya, forming into two large wings and a tail. Ice also forms into a dragon's head around his sword hand, encasing it up to the hilt; which is in the shape of an eight-pointed star. His left arm is covered fully until the wrist where it then spans into claws, leaving his hand and fingers free. Hitsugaya's feet are encased in ice in a similar manner to his right hand. Additionally, his wings are capable of folding around him to serve as ice shields. The wings can be used by Hitsugaya to fly. Three "flowers" of ice, shaped similarly to the lotus shaped guard of his zanpakutō, are also created behind Hitsugaya with four petals each, which melt away as Hitsugaya attacks.

Hyōrinmaru's bankai has two known special techniques. The first is "dragon hail flower" (竜霰花, ryūsenka?), which freezes any enemy Hitsugaya stabs, locking them into a cocoon of ice and freezing them to the core. Once frozen, Hitsugaya can shatter his opponent. The second is "thousand-year ice prison" (千年氷牢, sennen hyōrō?),[8] which forms a multitude of ice pillars using the moisture in the atmosphere. These pillars then envelop the enemy.[9]

Hitsugaya's bankai will fade when all twelve petals disappear.

u can make up ur own 2 if u want


zanpakuto name: Suzumi Haru
Shikai command: Taberu nee, Haru chan
Shikai: u blow bubbles and try to lead da bubbles and touch da opponent, by waving da zanpauto around, da bubbles r very hot once touched, will get sever burns > <
Bankai: hit and run type zanpakuto, wen hit, a bubble forms on the head if the bubble is hit and pops the person with the bubble with die~> <

Remember some shinigamis don't hav bankai~~~~XD
Posted 3/22/08
zanpakuto name : seishi sanbyakunen
shikai command : shiraha no tsurugi
shikai : can kill people with ultimate power and repel any kidous technique
bankai : can call the dead to alive for moments and can make the dead as war partner
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