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25 / M / under my umbrella.
Posted 3/22/08 , edited 3/23/08
1. Can attack only once per post while taking turns
2. Number of attacks is limited to 1 only per pokemon
3. AP is limited to 15 only [may change, check lvling info thread]
4. Battles may change depending on the type. [single's (1v1), doubles (2v2), check battle types thread]
5. To make the game fair, each member's Pokemon will start with 50HP/50PP only[may change depending on lvl]
6. You can heal by using your PP by any desired number.[may need the skill]
7. Everyone will start with $50
8. Entering a new page will recover the losing pokemon's HP & PP with(+10points).
9. Effective attacks will have increase its effects. Non effective will decrease. (1~3= 1 uneffective,2 normal, 3effective).
if tundershock attack is 10, it will hit 15 on a water type. if its on a rock type it will be 7.5(subtracting a quater), rounding it to 8.

10. specify the limit of potions,super potions, elixirs useble during the battle.
11. No evading!
12. type & rank decides who goes first (water vs fire= fire goes first)
13. must say, "pokemon! i choose you!" when picking your first pokemon (say it, dont type it lol...)


--------------------------------------------------------------posts in thread--------------------------------------------------------------
POST #1 - from "bananaguyXD"
-i challenge you to a 1 on 1 battle, my lvl 1 charmander vs your lvl 1 torchi. not items allowed. battle worth 10$. battled labeled "0898" i alread posted on "battle track thread", waiting on confirmation.

POST #2 - from "umbrella"

-i challenge you to a 1 on 1 battle, my lvl 1 charmander vs your lvl 1 torchi. not items allowed.

i accept,i already confirmed in battle thread track. since we are the same rank and you challenged me you attack first. message me to start battle.
(note: yes battle will take place in message).

POST #3 -from "bananaguyXD"
-aw, i lost. good battle.

POST #4 -from "umbrella"
-it was, this is battle "0898" waiting on mods to confirm and marked as approved on battle track thread.

sended the following messege to mod [xx]:
winner/loser: umbrella/bananaguyXD
Gained/Lost: +$10,+1win,+2xp/-$0,+1lost,-0xp
battle serial:"0898"


items: +1 potion, -$XX

- from umbrella.

POST #5 -from "mod"

-battle confirmed, you may now delete the battle challenge posts and this post in order to make space for new challengers.

*note that you are allowed to battle with more than 1 person at a time, but you are not allowed to delete the challengers post until the battle winner has been confirmed by a mod. if you do delete it, the batte will be nullafied. if the post is edited then the editer will autonatically declare the loser by the mod. if both edited the it will be a draw. if the member/trainer doesnt go along with the mods decition they will be banned from PR.

-------------------------------------------------------------posts message--------------------------------------------------------------

how to play:

squirtle/ water/ HP10 PP05
-water gun 1~3
its super effective! (-3) counters by using water gun(PP-1)
remaining: HP7/PP04


pikachu /electric/ HP10 PP05
-thundershock 1~3
attacks person below with thunderbolt(PP -1)
remaining: HP 10/ PP 04

and so on~

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