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I kinda forgot
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water storm mist sun sky thunder cloud??? is that rite??? iono
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* Ring of the Sky (Orange flame): Worn by the Vongola Boss. The sky; one that colors and engulfs everything. Battle: Tsuna (W) vs. Xanxus

The remaining six rings were portrayed with different kinds of weather that affected the sky:[12]

* Ring of Rain (Blue flame): The rain; one that washes away everything. Battle: Yamamoto (W) vs. Squalo
* Ring of Storm (Red flame): The wind; one that fiercely blows away everything. Battle: Gokudera vs. Belphegor (W)
* Ring of Cloud (Purple flame): The floating cloud; one that cannot be caught and goes its own way. Battle: Hibari (W) vs. Gola Mosca
* Ring of the Sun (Yellow flame): The sun; one that illuminates the sky. Battle: Ryohei (W) vs. Lissuria
* Ring of Mist (Indigo flame): The illusion; one that cannot be captured. Battle: Chrome (W) vs. Mammon
* Ring of Thunder (Green flame): The lightning; one that harshly strikes everything. Battle: Lambo vs. Levi A Than (W)
copied from WIKI
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