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Re: The Manga Section [Unavailable]
Posted 7/27/09
hahaha XD I remember when there was a huge manga collection on crunchyroll. ahhh, good times.
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22 / F / Lost In an Anime...
Posted 8/14/09

mannixx wrote:

overal if it turns out bad........ just retreat to and problem solve. there really is no point to wine haha but yeah cant help but to react like haha

Yep that's where i'll be
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25 / M / my mind
Posted 8/27/09
Well I have chrunchyroll for high-quality Asian media and onemanga for manga.
So it's okay if manga doesn't appear on this site.
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F / maple leaves.
Posted 9/27/09

Genre: Romance (:
erm, something not too long.
it would be best if it's a completed series, but if it's not, it's all right too~
I have read&finished(only some have been finished) --

nothing related to violence (: like, don't make them go on those trips to find something, and then they transform and all. those ones make me really annoyed. (: and not itty bitty romance in there either. LOTS of romance (:

btw, does anyone know where I can read all of Rockin' Heaven? ;s
Posted 1/15/10
Add me
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24 / M / California
Posted 1/2/11
When do u think the manga will come back to cr?
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33 / M / Wisconsin
Posted 1/16/11
I imagine having some of the popular scantilation (sp?) sites down would make it a good time to put manga on CR, but I have no idea whether it would be cost effective for them to do so.
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24 / F
Posted 4/8/11
Idk if CR goes into manga, there will be a lot of fuss about the publishing companies and stuff... since it's online, they wont be able to make any money through selling volumes anymore.. and it would sort of lose the fun of reading a book? (idk, its just my opinion)
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28 / F
Posted 6/24/11
hi! in new here, i just want to know if you guys dropped Kiss Me Host Gumi?
i like the manga so much so i was wondering and if i can ask whats its status now?
hope it will be realesed soon.. i would like to download the raws but i can't read japanese.. jejejeje
hoping for your kind reply
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