wut 2 outta 3 game systems u would buy and y??
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Posted 3/23/08 , edited 3/23/08
i would go with ps3 and wii
beacause i think x box 360 is so overrated for example every
1 thinks that it has all the best 1st person shooter games
well it does... for now... ps3 will rise once again cause it is coming out with alot of new
shooting games that i think will b 10x better than gaylo 3 lol [halo],
or any other games for the 360. As for wii it is my 2nd choice because
it has all the the games i grew up with super smash, mario galaxy, mario kart
cant forget zelda!

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Posted 3/23/08 , edited 3/23/08
2 out of 3?
not quite get it...
how bout ps3 n 360...
both have the game i wanted to play...
Posted 3/23/08 , edited 3/23/08
xbox 360 and wii

1. The 360 is for shooter fans, PS3 shooters cant compare
Ive played Killzone 1, and it sucked, i have no idea why people want a sequel
Resistance is a good game, but compared to some of the games on the 360 it fails
The 360 controller is much nicer to shoot with than the PS3 controller
Haze on the PS3 has continually failed to impress

FACT: Gears of War sold nearly as many copies as MGS3, MGS3: Subsistence, and Killzone combined at a time when the PS2's base was substantially larger than the 360's currently....

2. If you dont want MGS4, or the Final Fantasies, or RPGs (like me)....no reason to buy a PS3....

3. Even if I doont like Wii games, theres so much else you could do with the Wii's motion sensing technology....with the internet + youtube + a hardware store + a laptop + wii....you could make a touchscreen PC.......
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