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Soul Eater: what would be your weapon, how would he/she be, who's the user, and what would be his/her occupation?
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20 / F / panland
Posted 12/6/08
I bored so i join anyway

Name: Kumi
Weapon: Pichi
Weapon gender: female
Weapon type: death scythe
Description: a death scythe that is almost like Soul, but a little bit longer and has sharper end
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27 / M / Somewhere Below T...
Posted 12/6/08
Tsubaki is more than enough for me ^^ ehehehhehe

WHOO!!!! MANNY PAQUIAO WINS!!! wahahaha!!
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Posted 12/6/08
Name: something?
Occupation: Technician
Weapon: Non-annoying Excalibur
weapon gender: Girl
weapon type: holy sword
description: Its just Excalibur, but no longer a pain in the ass and shes a girl!
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37 / M / Small Wooded town...
Posted 12/6/08
Name: Vlare Dricks

Occupation: weapon.

weapon: Giant Black Two-Handed sword. (34 inch hilt, with a 3 inch Heavy metal ball at the end of it. Blade 13 inch wide blade with a 6'3 inch length, tip or end is rounded, Made of heavy Metal, yet is razer sharp, good for both cutting people in half or crushing ones foes from the shear mass of it.

Powers or skill weapon Holds: weapon crates a field 50 feet long that makes gravity 10x heaver, but does not affect the wielder of the sword.
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Posted 12/6/08
Wepon:Yari with chain
Descpirtion:Can break apart into 3 diffrent sections or fought with as a whole, can use the chain on the yari to spin it around causeing 1-3 whirlwinds depending if the yari is in 3 or 1.
Soul ressoence:the power to make the yari split into 3 and float around him makeing a whirlwind sheild capable destrucion as well as protection.
Zoets philophy:Be the Master of one wepon instead of the Fool of them all.

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22 / M / Heaven because of...
Posted 12/13/08
name: Lightning
weapon gender:unkown
description:it kill u one KO!
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25 / M
Posted 12/13/08
Name: Lucky
Weapon: Shotgun
Weapon Gender: Male and Female because family members all have this ability.
Occupation: Gun Specialist
Description: Auto HEADSHOT!
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23 / M / ...
Posted 12/29/08
terrible at names but here we go

weapon name- zetsubou
weapon- 2 large wind and fire wheels

attacks don't use the elements wind and fire, thats just what the name of the weapon is

one would represent black and the other white ( i know cliche and all that)
the black is your basic evil spell one,
performs dark energy attacks, summons demons, devours enemies, tear stuff apart without touching etc.
but it would start out basic but would get better over time

the other isn't all light and stuff because i can't deal with that kind of thing
but it isn't dark
stuff like sound waves and telekinesis, and mind crush!
same thing gets better overtime

obviously all attacks controlled with a swing, slash, or throw or something

can combine both to be one very very large chakram
basically a combination of both types but stronger
follows opponents when thrown

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26 / M / Hiding in Hebe's...
Posted 3/21/09
lol can i used none....none but tsubaki?
omg i love her XD
and demon blade mode rocks
tsubaki looks cool when she is in the demon blade mode and she have all these marks/scars on her body (watever you call it) =D
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78 / M / nothing
Posted 3/21/09
Name: Geno
Occupation: Weapon Specialist
Weapon: Sera
Weapon Gender: Female
Weapon Type: 2 Mini Scythes that can be combined into a Double Edge Scythe
Description: 2 Mini Scythes that can be used as boomerangs or as a melee weapon
Combined them to form a Double Edge Scythe that can attack on either sides, Can be also be thrown like a boomerang
Can also make crescent projectiles

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