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Posted 3/23/08 , edited 3/23/08

d0n'r w0ry, ruLes in here t0 be f0lL0wed are simpLe en0ugh f0r u t0 f0lL0w

bad w0rds are BIG N0 N0 here the gr0up walL 0r f0ruM p0sts, bad w0rds are n0t acCepted..

RESPECT is asked fr0m each and every0ne..

members sh0uLd be acTive in the gr0up activities

members sh0uLd f0lL0w the given ruLes ab0ve, 0r eLse...0r eLse...0r eLse, *sigh* we'lL d0 n0thing. Yup! u read that crystaL cLear, we'lL d0 n0thing in any case u vi0Lated any 0f the ruLes,..aS the creat0r/m0b, we caN kicK u 0ut 0f this gr0up buT as a pers0n, we can'T d0 that..if thaT's the kind 0f pers0n y0u realLy are,..welL, that's y WE and U are here..t0 heLp u and t0 be here f0r u -jusT s0 u kn0w..

aRe theSe cLear t0 u guys n gurLs? *h0pe s0*

0h!..bef0re we f0rget,..we have s0methin t0 say t0 every0ne..."aLways be urseLf" (specialLy when ur here)
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