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25 / F / philippinEs...
Posted 3/23/08 , edited 3/23/08

hi there!.._h0w r yah?,.h0pe ur d0in fiNe.. ..

en0ugh 0f the greEtings, Let's g0 d0wn t0 the business...appLicants sh0uLd be an alL-0ut activein induLging him/herseLf here & are 0bLiged t0 answer the f0lL0wing questi0ns:

1.) naMe/nickname:

2.) j0b t0 acquiRe:

3.) whY sh0uLd we entrUst u this cerTain j0b?

4.) aRe u suRe that when u g0t this j0b, u can handLe it?

-that's alL we waNt t0 kn0w..Listen, we neEd acTive appLicants here.

n0w, PM me 0r any 0f the m0bs c0ntaining the inf0rmati0n asked ab0ve wheN ur interesTed in takiNg the j0b.._s0, i guess i'lL c u ar0und!
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24 / F / philippInes♥♫
Posted 4/1/08 , edited 4/1/08
name: Secretheart_miya5
job to acquire: dr.fam....

>>>ehm...well,i think i am capable enough..cuz i take family issues really seriously...nd besides i want our club members 2 have at least a good advice,u know...something that wont leave them into any trouble.

>>>yup,besides the fact that its vacation tym..i love cr so0o..i'll be around offten
(P.S. pls moderators nd ehmm....creator...dont take this against me... u know what i mean....plzzzz)
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