Why Do You Hate Naruto
Posted 3/23/08 , edited 4/4/08
Tell me why your a Narutard. From the worst episode to the second worst Manga you've read your Crappiest leaf viliage team and the crappiest charcter let every one know your a narutard...........
Posted 3/24/08
its really boring and gay to watch. its one of the crappiest anime ive seen

~Look at my avatar (emo sasugay)
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Posted 3/25/08
the first anime i really watched and it's great. go team Gai!!! (besides ten-ten)
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Posted 3/25/08
my hated episodes were the ones from the chuunin exams and the ones were they chase after sasugay
my fave team uuhm that's a hard one team gay because it's a team that's funny and serious at the some time
charecter that's a really really gay one uuuhm
i hate
naruto of course :P

why i hate the anime just because there is so much action in it and sometimes it's shit and sad.
and you can't predict what's going to happen in the anime .

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Posted 3/26/08
my favorite character is DOSU KINUTA!! my favorite ep. is when rock lee fights gaara and my favorite team is team 8 (kiba, hinata, shino)
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Posted 3/28/08
my fav char is shikamaru
fav team team 8 (kiba's team)
fav epi when the 2 weirdos dress up as gai and lee
fav vill konoha (duh)
Posted 3/29/08
hmm... why do i love naruto?

hmm... well, maybe about the way they fight.... ^^,


fav team... team 8 (hinata is there ^^,)
fav epi when naruto,sakura, and choji cook a RAMEN!
fav village... SUNA
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