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24 / F / philippinEs...
Posted 3/23/08

helL0w!..greEtings t0 evEry0ne! B)

Lets intr0duce 0urseLves in this maNner..

1.) naMe/nicknaMe:
2.) l0cati0n
3.) taLent/s
4.) likes/disLikes
*5.) exPectati0ns fr0m this gr0up

u caN adD s0me 0ther inf0s 'b0ut urseLf t0o..
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24 / F / philippinEs...
Posted 3/23/08

hi! 0k i guess i'm up firsT...

jusT calL me ten-teN-chaN,..its my naMe here in CR

aNd i'm fr0m the pearL 0f the 0rient--PhiLippines!

umM..taLent?_welL, i d0 painting g00d at it, thats y i'lL c0nsider it my taLent. t0 be trUe, i haven'T disc0verd yet my God-given-taLent 0r pr0babLy haven'T reaLized that i disc0vered it aLready ..(s0rry f0r this wierd statement)

i Like: -anime! -c0L0rs bLue, bLack & whiTe,.-waTching TV,.-reading (manga, magazines, n0veLs, any kind 0f b00ks _excepT math b00ks pLs T_T),.-drawiNg and paiNting..
i disLike: -pe0pLe wh0 likes t0 pLay g0d-Like t0 judGe s0me0ne and th0se wh0 pLay judge-and-jury t0 subjecT s0me0ne! grrrrrr

i expecT that this gr0up can s0meh0w heLp its mEmbers..

-that's alL i g0tTa say..n0w, ur tUrn!..
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25 / F / My World
Posted 3/24/08

H!H!.....i'm starglitter!....that's my username! ^-^

l0cati0n-....hmmm.... its MY World! ^-^♥

taLent/s-....hmmm...playing the piano..althouhg i'm just a beginner... ....drawing...a little good...hehehe....i guess i haven't found my talent as well...hihihihi....XD

likes-....anime!..........and anything related to it.........................good people.......nature....

disLikes-hippocrites........and same with ten-ten chan^

exPectati0ns fr0m this gr0up:
To help the members with their problems...and to learn new things! XD
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23 / F / Under the stars
Posted 3/30/08

NAME: Just.....Kira. its easier than my real name
LOCATION: dreamland
TALENTS: dancing, fencing, writing
LIKES: manga, anime, fashion, dance, fencing, reading.......and being crazy
DISLIKES: pandoras box
EXPECTATIONS: that this group can be of assistance to me and others who desperately need help
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24 / M / Philippines
Posted 5/12/08
1.) naMe/nicknaMe: Naki Ren

2.) l0cati0n: philippines
3.) taLent/s: i draw

LIKES:friendly people and anime


*5.) exPectati0ns fr0m this gr0up:meet new friends.......
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22 / F / SHINee wORLd~~
Posted 6/21/08

naMe/nickname: call me "eChezen"
location: somewhere out there
taLent/s: i use to do taekwondo and i love to draW
likes: : friendly people
dislikes: arrogant and obnoxious people ( i don't know y? i guess u alrdy knw it)
exPectati0ns fr0m this gr0up
i want to meet new friends.....

I really don't know how to address my self? any suggestion?

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