Ask yourself...What is Heaven?
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Posted 3/23/08
Where Do People Go When They Die?
To Heaven? To Hell?
Or Do Their Souls Just Fade Away Completely Out Of Existence?
And If They Do Make It To Heaven...
...Will They Truly Be Happy There?
Can It Be So?
Ask Yourself: What Is Heaven?
Perhaps It's A Place Where No One Goes Hungry;
A Place Of Total Pleasure And Harmony.
But What Happens To The Memories We Accumulated
While We Were Alive?
What About All Our Regrets...
...Our Hopeless, Helpless Regrets?
Is It Possible To Forget Our Pains?
To Ignore Them And Still Be Truly Happy?

So tell me...What do you think heaven is?
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Posted 3/23/08
IMO this is much too similar to your other thread for you to be
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Posted 3/23/08

cepreeper wrote:

Got to go with Eros. Please use this thread,
By: Jorlwind
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