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Posted 3/24/08


1. Best Male - 2,500 GC

2. Best Female - 2,500 GC

3. Best Child - 2,500 GC

4. People's Choice - 2,500 GC

5. Best Performance - 2,500 GC

6. Best Craftsmanship - 2,500 GC

7. Best Historical Costume - 3,000 GC

8. Best Group: a) Best Presentation - 4,000 GC

b) Best Costume - 4,000 GC

GC = Gift Certificates (not Gold Coins). Gift Certificates are provided by Robinson's Malls and can be used in all their branches including all branches of Toys R Us.

Tentative Schedule:

10am – 2pm: Cosplay Registration for both Individual and Group cosplayers

3:00pm – 3:40pm: Individual Cosplay Batch 1

3:41pm – 4:00pm: Group Cosplay #1, Group Cosplay #6

4:01pm – 4:40pm: Individual Cosplay Batch 2

4:41pm – 5:00pm: Group Cosplay #2, Group Cosplay #7

5:01pm – 5:40pm: Individual Cosplay Batch 3

5:41pm – 6:00pm: Group Cosplay #3, Group Cosplay #8

6:01pm – 6:40pm: Individual Cosplay Batch 4

6:41pm – 7:00pm: Group Cosplay #4, Group Cosplay #9

7:01pm – 7:40pm: Individual Cosplay Batch 5

7:41pm – 8:00pm: Group Cosplay #5, Group Cosplay #10

8:01pm – 8:40pm: Cosplay Finals

8:40pm – 9:00pm: Presentation of Awards/Onstage Photo Op

*Each batch will consist of 20-50 cosplayers depending on the number of people who register.

New Concepts

Cosplay Tag (Solo Cosplay):

Instead of a normal catwalk, each individual will interact shortly with the person in front of him/her and the person behind him/her. It can be as simple as a wave, handshake, etc. or as complicated as a short fight scene. We encourage you to talk to the person who will proceed and follow you to plan out your moves. A good transition will score you extra points with the judges.

As this is a Solo Cosplay, human props or any on-stage assistance is not allowed. Personal Assistants are allowed but they must stay off-stage at all times. They can, however, assist the cosplayer with props beforehand or even assist them in getting onstage. Very young children are allowed the assistance of their parents onstage if needed, however.

Historical Costumes are just that: historical. It can be native to the Philippines or from any other time period such as Renaissance, Caribbean, American Civil War, World War 2, etc. The condition is that it must be historically accurate and a picture must be brought to compare with for accuracy. Fictional characters or pseudo-historical events are not allowed.

Cosplay Costume Exhibit:

There will be a cosplay exhibit featuring costumes on mannequins at the far end of the event venue. You will be able to peruse and observe these costumes and the costumers who created them will be prominently shown. Photo Ops are allowed with the mannequins, but spectators are not allowed to touch or move the costumes or mannequins in any way.

Cosplay Photo Opportunity Area:

There will be a Photo Opportunity Area that will fill a section of the convention where Cosplayers can pose in front of elaborate backdrops provided by United International Pictures. Photos taken in this area will be free of charge, but cosplayers are instructed not to stand too close as this might damage the backdrops.

Cosplay Photo Gallery:

High quality glossies will be on display in a panel gallery where you will be able to see several of the most impressive cosplay costumes in recent history. You will also be able to check out some of the most time-honored cosplays and experience the color and majesty of Philippine Cosplay.


Booths are now available. We will be able to provide four 2x4 tables and chairs to those interested in displaying and even selling their wares. We highly encourage cosplay-related wares, however, as this is a cosplay convention (accessories, custom items, etc.)
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