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What is the real Oguri Shun
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~Somewhere I Belong~
Posted 5/19/08 , edited 5/19/08

luv4dawave wrote:

the real shun oguri is married to me XD
I see him as the kind of guy that is funny, and open. He's not afraid to hide anything and he is honest with his thoughts. He says what's on his mind, and he accepts himself for how he is. I think its so cool that he didn't want to get surgery for his pectus excavatum. Like, when he had a girlfriend, he didn't mind and told the media about it. And, on this one show, he made the weirdest monkey impersonation, but he doesn't care. I think its so cool how he's a famous actor, but he doesn't mind what other people say/think about him. He works hard as hell. On this show [200 Days], he juggles several dramas/ads/movies/stage plays in a day. Just looking at how exhausted he looks, and how he rushes from one film location to another makes me really respect him. Umm, I know he's friendly, as he is friends with most of the people in Johnny's. Beyond just being handsome and cute, I think he has a great personality [=

---just wish he would cut down on the smoking; so harmful for the body XD

what should i say more....................thanks you talk from ma soul
he is awesome and l love him
Posted 5/19/08
stupid forum... and it got bumped the hell out of before people would reply >.<
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Posted 5/19/08

Starber wrote:

luffygirl wrote:

Starber wrote:

Oguri shun is one of my fav actors! Although, he should stop smoking/drinking.

i'll tell him that ..he is my husband after all!!...LOL


Gender: Male ? Luffygirl?

I'm a GIRL...
actually shun is my second first is matsumoto jun..
and Yamapi is my third...

im still persuading bi rain to be the fourth!!!

Posted 5/19/08
i'd have to say he was okay in Gokusen i liked him in Hana yori Dango and Detective Conan and densha otaku....he was soooo confusing in lament of the lamb...I DIDN'T GET HIM YO!~

i have to admit his acting doesn't really bother me and when you look at him...really...really...really close he is kinda cute
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Posted 6/6/08
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