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Posted 3/24/08 , edited 3/24/08
First issue of *In the life of Chats*

RihgisKhan: cult sounds cool
CloudChaser: and Sado should be a decendant of them
RihgisKhan: hey that a good twist
Ichigo-bankai: also i was thinking, the nuclear powerplant, obviously it didnt explode from a gas leak
Ichigo-bankai: i was thinking, maybe vamps were experiments there and Yyu-kun's parents were investigating it
CloudChaser: o that'd be kool
Ichigo-bankai: and so vamps had to get rid of evidence and they killed every1 and blew it up to hide the evidence
CloudChaser: *KA-BOOOOM*

CloudChaser: yea
Ichigo-bankai: but why would the vamps be experimenting
CloudChaser: but poor parents
CloudChaser: =(
CloudChaser: lol
RihgisKhan: I was thinging of that to
Ichigo-bankai: were they trying to make something?
CloudChaser: like hybrid vampires
CloudChaser: XD
CloudChaser: lol
Ichigo-bankai: ooo
Ichigo-bankai: and maybe that is why yyuu-kun
Ichigo-bankai: isnt a full vamp, because the vamp that bit him was an experiment?
CloudChaser: this is kool
RihgisKhan: yeah
Ichigo-bankai: and maybe the humans were actually the ones experimenting, which would explain why he is an organization that wants to kill all humans, because he was tortured and experimented on
Ichigo-bankai: what yall think?
CloudChaser: KOOOOL
CloudChaser: now we got like hidden story beneath the true stories
CloudChaser: wat about the whole Sado thing
Ichigo-bankai: rihgis, just read your post, do you stil think this is too similar to something?
RihgisKhan: no now is not
Ichigo-bankai: kk
Ichigo-bankai: o yeah, Sado
RihgisKhan: now is becoming more mindtwisting
CloudChaser: he should hav a old wise Grandpa
Ichigo-bankai: maybe i need to make up some race that is almost extinct
Ichigo-bankai: and he is a decendent
CloudChaser: yea
RihgisKhan: and the grandpa kick ass
Ichigo-bankai: but what race, how they different and stuff
RihgisKhan: hinata help us!
CloudChaser: WE NEEED U!
Ichigo-bankai: HINATA
Ichigo-bankai: KAKERO
Ichigo-bankai: SAVE US!
CloudChaser: lmao XD
Ichigo-bankai: T_T
Ichigo-bankai: =(
Ichigo-bankai: :'(
CloudChaser: [email protected]
Ichigo-bankai: lol
CloudChaser: haha
Ichigo-bankai: we are so desperate
RihgisKhan: XD
Ichigo-bankai: lol
RihgisKhan: i know
CloudChaser: ....very
RihgisKhan: ok people breaks over
CloudChaser: so wat would the Hunters look like, lol
RihgisKhan: lets see some results
Ichigo-bankai: back
CloudChaser: wb
Ichigo-bankai: wb?
CloudChaser: welcome back XD
Ichigo-bankai: o
Ichigo-bankai: lol
CloudChaser: lol
Ichigo-bankai: so
Ichigo-bankai: i think he should find out on accident
CloudChaser: o and Sado lives with his grandpa

CloudChaser: but how... thats the question
Ichigo-bankai: but we still need to figure out what is special about this race or w/e
Ichigo-bankai: does it make him look different?
Ichigo-bankai: or just abilities enhanced
CloudChaser: the know mostly everything about vamipres through their experience over the years, they hav very kool hunting equipment
Ichigo-bankai: maybe when he is confronted with a vampire his eyes turn silver and he goes balistic?
CloudChaser: they know*
Ichigo-bankai: lol
CloudChaser: lol
Ichigo-bankai: and so he attacks yyu-kun at one point
Ichigo-bankai: and he has to learn how to control it?
Ichigo-bankai: i am just saying random ideas
RihgisKhan: argh I din't found anything good T_T ok I'm fine now
CloudChaser: nah they should be regular humans, just experienced in Martial arts, weaponray, archery, and swordsmenship
CloudChaser: XD
CloudChaser: loool
RihgisKhan: so what did I missed
Ichigo-bankai: ummm
RihgisKhan: there should be more cold weapons
Ichigo-bankai: scroll up
Ichigo-bankai: lol
Ichigo-bankai: cold or cool?
CloudChaser: we r thinking of ways to introduce/ideas of Sado and his crazy past
CloudChaser: aka his hidden family hunters
RihgisKhan: cold, like, swords ,axes, japanesse staffs and staff
Ichigo-bankai: lol
CloudChaser: THEY R SO KOOL
RihgisKhan: not all like sci-fi
Ichigo-bankai: cloud thats what i said up there
Ichigo-bankai: and i said his grandpa should use
CloudChaser: where
Ichigo-bankai: but it was just an idea
CloudChaser: o koooool
CloudChaser: then his grandpa is my fav since hhe uses a staff
CloudChaser: XD
RihgisKhan: great idea
Ichigo-bankai: lol
Ichigo-bankai: we trying to decide how Sado changes tho
Ichigo-bankai: i thought his eyes should go silver for one side effect
Ichigo-bankai: to show he has changed
RihgisKhan: grandma learns him Budo.
CloudChaser: o and every hunter has a tattoo on their body indicating they r part of the Hunters Organization
CloudChaser: XD
CloudChaser: XD
Ichigo-bankai: born with it?
RihgisKhan: that's sounds cool
Ichigo-bankai: or branded on?
CloudChaser: hmm
CloudChaser: born sounds better
Ichigo-bankai: kk, thought so too
CloudChaser: o so not every one in ancestors were hunters
RihgisKhan: they should like being marked snice they become hunters forever
CloudChaser: just the ones born witht the tattoo
Ichigo-bankai: ??
RihgisKhan: ok we could use that, maybe they are all half deamons then
Ichigo-bankai: hmmm.... trying to remember books i read about this kinda thing
Ichigo-bankai: all i remember are stupid were-wolves vs vamps
CloudChaser: lol
Ichigo-bankai: dont want him to be furry though
RihgisKhan: watch u gonna do
Ichigo-bankai: lol
Ichigo-bankai: and not original enough
CloudChaser: he still looks like a human when fighting the vampires
RihgisKhan: quite the furry thing we will shave him
CloudChaser: just different clothes
Ichigo-bankai: but eyes turn silver
Ichigo-bankai: =)
CloudChaser: yea
CloudChaser: lol
RihgisKhan: nice add
CloudChaser: i'm guessin u like morphing ppl
CloudChaser: XD
CloudChaser: loool
Ichigo-bankai: lol
RihgisKhan: lol
Ichigo-bankai: i like small changed
Ichigo-bankai: and i think it would be cool
Ichigo-bankai: lol
CloudChaser: lol
hinatakakero: ellow
RihgisKhan: so Is he gonna be vampire or verewolf or something more ???
Ichigo-bankai: want to refresh page, see if anything was changd, but sometimes chat wont reconect
CloudChaser: that picture on the page where Sado is, thats a nice pic... we could use that pic for ideas on wat he looks like
Ichigo-bankai: HINATA!!!!!!!!1
hinatakakero: hi..
Ichigo-bankai: lol
Ichigo-bankai: hey
CloudChaser: XD HI
hinatakakero: hehe...yep
RihgisKhan: finaly u comed to save us
Ichigo-bankai: hahq
Ichigo-bankai: haha*
hinatakakero: huh?save?
hinatakakero: hahaha
Ichigo-bankai: we trying to figure stuff out
Ichigo-bankai: we needed more help
CloudChaser: we need help with ideas
Ichigo-bankai: we hit a block
RihgisKhan: we are in pinch got some ideas
hinatakakero: ow..i c...
Ichigo-bankai: not to put you on the sport or anything
CloudChaser: XD
Ichigo-bankai: :P
CloudChaser: lol
RihgisKhan: :P
CloudChaser: haha
hinatakakero: haha..its still ok...if i get sum ideas...i ll jus give it a try
Ichigo-bankai: brb
Ichigo-bankai: gonna refresh
hinatakakero: ok...
hinatakakero: me gtg....
Ichigo-bankai has left the room.
CloudChaser: O.O
CloudChaser: seriously
RihgisKhan: we are never gonna finish this are we?
hinatakakero: sowee...
CloudChaser: lol... maybe not, but then it'll be a long anime
CloudChaser: XD
hinatakakero: but he said he will b back..
hinatakakero: but i wont...
CloudChaser: nooooooo
CloudChaser: ='(
hinatakakero: its the matter of hmm...14 hrs...
RihgisKhan: ok it's just you and me pall
CloudChaser: XD
hinatakakero: haha...enjoy than...
CloudChaser: buddy o'l pal
CloudChaser: XD
hinatakakero: jane
CloudChaser: bue hinata
CloudChaser: bye*
RihgisKhan: bye
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