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Posted 3/24/08
"Life's a shuffle" by me , inspired by the events which i go through day to day and my feelings for the person i love.

Wake up to the echoes of my clock
dress up, brush my teeth and wash my face
Set my PSP to shuffle and
here i go with another day of my life

Walking down the sidewalk
Sun blazing upon my eyes
setting up the mood of calm tranquility
full of tunes and a rhythm that calms my heart

arriving into the school full of a hybrid of emotions
eagerness to learn and the common chat with friends
laziness, which hampers with my working process
setting in the tune and rhythm of a orchestra
once so calm, now so disordered
from going on to a nice melody to a
garbled mix of emotions

Arriving into History
i gaze at the one person
that one person whom i truly love
she smiles at me as i pass by her and sit down
now the music has changed into a symphony
a symphony of emotions is going on around inside me
is it happiness? is it misery?

As the day end the beat turns slow, doing my homework
thinking of things, listening to music, and talking to friends
i wonder i think, My days are so eventful in some ways
They're random and all so different. Just like the Shuffle
on my play-list on my PSP
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25 / M / Tulsa Ok
Posted 3/24/08
your work is so captivating i was lost in the screen. great work
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