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Posted 3/24/08
OLD news! ^_^ I'm sure MANY of us already knew this about him, but for those that didn't please read! ^_^

Did you know that Young Woong Jae Jung (aka Hero) - member of “Dong Bang Shin Ki” was adopted when he was four? If you answered no, you are not alone. In fact, nobody in Korea did -not even his die-hard fans! This secret became public when he faced charges concerning his enlistment. The adoption wasn’t legalized, so he had two identities registered in Korean Gov’t’s database - his original name (Han Jae Jun) and his name after the adoption (Kim Jae Jun).

Well, after this became public, rumors naturally followed. There were rumors about custody battles and stories behind the adoption. Imagine going through all that! It must have been very difficult for our pop-star. It’s all over now and all the rumors have been contradicted by the truth. Young Woong Jae Jung commented that he hopes to live with his biological & his current mom in a very big house and live happily ever after. We hope that you do…Hero!

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